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Continuum – S2E3 – Second Thoughts

Previously on Continuum “Split Second” 

Futuristic Meth

It’s 2077 and Kiera has tracked her little sister Hannah to an extremely seedy part of town. Hannah scores drugs off some guy and Kiera confronts her. She makes the usual promises that drug addicts make, but Kiera ain’t hearing it. She takes the drug and steps on it.

Sons of Anarchy

In present day, Sonya rides shotgun as she and Lucas approach a group of bikers. Lucas doesn’t think they should be dealing with gang members, but Sonya points out that the bikers owe them for setting up their rivals to take the fall for the mayor’s shooting. Travis watches from afar and when they’ve completed their business, Travis shoots in their direction, hitting one of the bikers. It’s not clear to me whether he was really trying to hit Sonya or not, but she and Lucas got the hell up outta there anyway.

Meanwhile, Jason goes to the police station, mumbling crazy talk and looking for Kiera. He refuses to leave a message with Carlos, insisting that he will only talk to Kiera.

World-Class Head Trip

Alec is hanging out with three friends who are all tripping balls on the drug from the future. They take it like eyedrops. Then, for some reason, even though Alec refuses to take the drug, he gets in the car with them and (of course) they get into an accident.

Continuum Second Thoughts


Kiera chews out Alec for hanging with a bad crowd. She explains that the drug, Flash, is made from knowledge from the future and is super dangerous. It was originally made to help with Alzheimer’s before that was eventually cured. She tasks Alec with finding out where the drug is coming from.

OK, YOU Are Actually My Mom

Julian’s mom visits him in prison. She tells him that five top execs at pharmaceutical companies were busted for suppressing cures to sell medicine and thanks to what he did with Kagame and blowing up those buildings. How that works out, I’m not entirely sure, but I am disturbed with how okay his mother seems to be with all of this. Ah, I got it now. The explosion exposed that the CEOs were all meeting because they died in the explosion.

Later, Julian learns that because of Sonya, he’s the most protected man in the cell block… hell, in the whole damn prison.

At the same time, Kiera, Carlos, and Dillon figure out that Sonya must be supplying the gangs with Flash as payment for something.

It’s Not About You

Kiera confronts Matthew, wanting to know if he’s responsible for the drug. He says he’s not. He’s too busy working with Alec to have a sideline seat as Alec changes the world. Kiera warns him to stay away from Alec and accuses him of only dealing with Alec to get back at her for dumping him. He plays that it’s not, but we know it kinda is.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Dead gang bangers at an airport hangar leads to the revelation that Travis is also using the rival gang to get at Sonya.

Lucas expresses concern that the whole thing is getting out of control, but Sonya brushes him off.


Kiera meets with Jason and he tells her that there are freelance time travelers in town, looking for him. He says that freelancers have always been around, having influence on big leaps in technology because of their advance knowledge. He says they’re after him because he knows about them and they can only do what they do when they remain a secret. Kiera wonders if they can travel back and forth because, of course, she’s wondering if she can bum a ride home back to the future.



Carlos gets a lead on a gang leader who can possibly lead them to Sonya.

Garza expresses the same concerns that Lucas had for Sonya. She tells Travis that this isn’t going to stop until one of them is dead. He says he’s already taken out six of her gang members, and the rest will be easy. If she’s going to build her ranks, he will too. He then goes to meet with Wolford.

Continuum Garza

How Flash Works

Alec visits his friend who was hurt in the car accident. He asks how it works and just as Kiera said, she explains that your body and mind transports you to a past memory. And no matter what you’re doing at the time, you’ll really believe and feel like you’re in the memory. She was back to body surfing in Hawaii during the ambulance ride. Alec wonders about being able to go back to some valuable information that he father shared with him before he died. His friend warns that you may not be able to trust the memories because hers was too perfect and not at all what it was exactly like when she was in Hawaii.

Later, Matthew asks Alec if he’s ready to make their partnership official and tells him to check his email.

The Enemy of My Enemy… Again

Carlos and Kiera approach Gabriel, the gang leader. Carlos offers up an alliance to try and stop the Liber8 crazies the gangs are caught between. Gabriel ain’t about that life. He says he’d rather take his chances. They still have a tracker on his phone, which is how Betty found him to begin with, and follow him.

Gabriel and his men meet with Sonya who tells them to calm down. Now that his boss is dead, his cut is bigger. Carlos is about to call in for backup when Sonya starts to leave. Kiera says they can’t let her get away and runs out like a damn fool, gun blazing. This gets Carlos shot in the vest. A big shootout ensues because Sonya refuses to leave without getting in some shots at Kiera. Sonya, of course, gets away.

Continuum Kiera


He Who Will Not Heed To Reason, Will To Persuasion

Sonya returns to her hideout and tells Lucas they will no longer associate with criminals who kill and steal from the very people they’re trying to liberate. He tells her that’s nice and all, but if they’re trying to make an omelet, they’ll need to break a few eggs.

Travis meets with Wolford’s men and informs them Wolford won’t be coming. He says all the gangs should be working together and stop killing each other over turf and stupid disagreements. They want to know how he thinks he can just speak for all the gang leaders. Well, they sure can’t speak for themselves because Travis dumps their heads out on the pool table. They all agree to listen to Travis from now on.

Alec Trips Balls

Alec takes Flash and remembers seeing his mother having a disagreement with a much younger Jason. What the hell is that about?

Kiera meets with Alec and tells him he can’t trust Matthew Kellogg. Alec isn’t going to stop dealing with him, but promises that Kiera won’t learn anything important about him from Matthew again.

New Protection

Julian’s prison protection is shanked right in front of him. The shanker has no interest in harming Julian. He tells him he works for Travis and now TRAVIS will be protecting him.

Non-Happy Ending

Back to the future we go and we learn that Kiera watched her sister jump off a roof while high on Flash. Daaaamn.

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