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Continuum – S2E4 – Second Skin

Previously on Continuum, “Second Thoughts”


Kiera and a female partner are tracking bad guys through a warehouse. After taking one down and recovering ‘the target’ from his pocket, Kiera faces off with Travis who is holding a gun to her son’s head. She hesitates and her partner shoots Travis in the throat. It’s a simulation. Their boss chastises Kiera for pausing while her partner defends them by saying they retrieved the target. Later, Kiera’s partner talks to her about freezing in the simulation. Kiera maintains that she wasn’t give a chance and that she’d have eventually shot Travis.

Big Oil

Garza and two men pull over an oil truck at gunpoint and instruct the driver to tell the company he works for to stop ripping off the little people. Then they blow up the truck.

Continuum S02E04

The police station is abuzz since that was the seventh bombing in four hours. Carlos fills Kiera in before she takes a call from Alec. Interference similar to what happened the night she arrived is happening to his future tech system again. There’s a new tim traveler in town!

Call Me, Maybe?

Kiera’s walking around a suburban neighborhood which lies at the coordinates Alec gave her. No sign of a time traveler. A man clearing away items from a garage sale says he may have seen the tech suit after Kiera describes it to him, but he might have sold it. Either way, he asks for Kiera’s number in case he, or his mother (whose stuff he was selling), remember anything. He is totally getting his flirt on.

Continuum S2E4

Cosplay at the Cleaners

The couple who bought the suit at the garage sale are at their cleaners, which they either own or just work at, and the husband is trying it on. It’s a bit snug, but it’s a dead-on replica of the suit worn by a character they love. A couple that cosplays together, stays together.

Continuum Rex in Suit

Meanwhile, Kiera gets a call from the guy in the ‘burbs and she meets him at the hospital. His mother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for the past six years. When she enters the hospital room she is shocked to find that the old woman is her partner from the future, Elena.

She came back when Kiera did, but went back further, to 1975. She eventually got married and started a family. Before they can talk about where her tech suit might, be Elena’s son returns to the room.

Continuum S2E4

The couple from the cleaners are at a wedding where everyone is in costume. The boyfriend, Rex, talks to the groom during the reception. He can’t understand what his girlfriend sees in him since he just works at a cleaners and dropped out of college. As he walks away, he bumps into a waiter and his arm catches on fire. Everyone is amazed that his arm isn’t injured under the suit.

Later, Elena tells Kiera that she turned her suit off years ago and put it in a box.

Super Rex

Rex and his girlfriend stop for gas and he walks in on a group of thugs destroying the place. The thugs are being monitored by Travis and Garza – they’re on that whole anti-big oil terrorism kick. Rex is going to call the cops, but one of the thugs shoot him twice in the chest. The suit saves him. Travis and Garza realize this and make a note to get Rex’s plate number. Meanwhile,  Lucas is also getting signals that another suit is active.

Continuum Rex Shot

The police investigate the scene at the gas station. The attendant who was getting beaten up tells them that Rex took two shots and walked away like nothing happened. Kiera realizes this guy had the suit. Agent Gardiner asks Kiera if she’d ever heard of such a suit, being a dick. Carlos notices.

Continuum Gardiner

Later, Rex’s girlfriend wants him to get rid of the suit, but we know he won’t because it makes him feel powerful and important, something he doesn’t normally feel.

Gardiner Is a Prick

Gardiner invites himself along when Kiera goes to visit Elena. He waits in the hall while they talk. Kiera convinces Elena to turn on her CRM so Alec can locate the suit. At the same time that Alec gets an address, so does Lucas.

Showdown at the Cleaners

Gardiner realizes that Kiera gave him the slip. Elena stalls him from going after her by saying she knows he’s looking for Escher.

At the cleaners, Rex puts on the suit when he sees Garza enter on the surveillance cameras. They fight and he throws some cleaning solution in her face. Travis arrives and shoots Rex, but he’s not harmed because of the suit. He runs and hides. Sonya shows up and it’s a big-ass brawl.

Garza and Sonya fight while Travis beats the shit out of Rex. They all get away when Kiera arrives, but not before she gets a shot into Travis’ shoulder. Kiera calls an ambulance for Rex and he realizes she’s wearing a suit, too.

As Rex is being wheeled out of the ambulance, Gardiner grabs him and demands to know what happened to the suit. That man is cray.

Kiera gives the suit, which is turned off, to Alec. He later meets the pretty redhead at the coffee shop for a date.

A Tale of Two Partners

Kiera takes Carlos to the hospital to meet Elena, but she died. Her son tells Kiera that she got to say goodbye to everyone and was perfectly lucid. She left a book for Kiera. Carlos hugs Kiera as she cries.


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