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Continuum – S2E5 – Second Opinion

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Skin’

Birthday Party Blues

2077 and Kiera’s son is having a birthday party. He’s out on the patio while his friends are inside because he’s sad that his dad isn’t there. Kiera has a talk with him and then presents him with the future’s version of little green army men that actually move and fight. Pretty fucking sweet.

In 2013, Kiera calls Alec, frustrated that they can’t find Escher. She’s cranky because today is her son Sam’s birthday.

Carlos tries to get her to talk about her son, but she wants to focus on the Liber8 case.

New Server Smell

Alec goes to work Matthew at Saidtech after checking out the fancy new digs and being reassured that he’ll have final say in everything they do.

Continuum S2E5

A Really Crappy Day

Betty approaches Kiera with a lead on Travis’ escape, but Kiera is too distracted to look into it and heads to the ladies room. Inspector Dillon is being replaced after several police bigwigs show up and take over the joint. While Kiera is in the bathroom she meets a woman who lends a sympathetic ear to her sadness over not being with Sam on his birthday.

Turns out that woman is the new boss and she orders a complete lockdown of the building and no cell phone or computer activity until they complete their investigation into the mole. Of course, Kiera goes outside immediately to ask Dillon what happened. He says he was ambushed and if he thinks of a way that she can help him, he’ll be in touch. He warns Kiera to watch her back.

Meanwhile, Jason is following Alec down the street. Alec confronts him and learns that Jason has sketches of the time machine.

Inspector Harris pulls Kiera in for an interview. She whispers for Alec, but his com is off due to dealing with Jason. He turns it on in enough time to hear that Kiera has waived her right to counsel and that they’re requesting her cell phone. He tells her it’s okay, he’ll handle it on his end. He rushes off with the sketches.

Agent Gardiner is brought in to the interview, which sets Kiera on edge. During the interview, Alec rushes to get a fake background set up for Kiera. After much pushing to get her to talk about her son, Gardiner retrieves the toy soldier Kiera drops from her pocket. She assaults him to get it back and is immediately taken offline. A hologram which only she can see appears to complete a psych evaluation before putting her back online.

Continuum S2E5 Gardiner

Crazy Talk

In the bathroom, the hologram (let’s just call him Gaita from BSG, ’cause that’s who’s playing him) tells her she’ll be operational again in an hour if she’s at least 80% healthy. If not, they’ll remove the memories (her son) causing her the most stress. She flips out in the bathroom and we know this isn’t going to be easy.


Continuum Second Opinion

Alec panics and tries to call Kiera’s cell, but hangs up when Gardiner answers. Carlos tries to tell Harris that they’re barking up the wrong tree.

The cognitive therapist allows Kiera to connect with Alec long enough for him to figure out what’s going on. He’ll try working on a way to stop Gaita from erasing her memories.

Betty approaches Kiera in the ladies room and gives her a disc drive with a virus on it that can wipe the whole system. It will wipe not only the files Betty was secretly keeping on Kiera, which won’t show her in a favorable light, but the tracking that shows Betty once went to a Liber8 grassroots meeting.

What Time Is It

Kiera tries to convince Gaita that they’re not in 2077 so he hasn’t even been invented yet.

Betty is taken to holding after Harris finds the evidence that she attended that Liber8 meeting and they can’t find a file that shows Dillon ordered her to do it.

Kiera finally breaks down and admits her guilt over leaving her son. Gaita allows her to see him and she cries as she tells him how much she loves and misses him.

Continuum Kiera

Back Online

Once Kiera is back online, she and Alec are able to show that Liber8 set Betty up. Kiera tells Harris to basically kiss her ass.

Jason agrees to work with Alec to hopefully reverse engineer the time travel device.

Betty thanks Kiera for her help, but later meets Lucas. Betty is the mole!

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