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Continuum – S2E6 – Second Truths

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Opinion’

In the future, Kiera is called in to help catch a serial killer and she references an unsolved case from the past. In the present day, she finds herself in the middle of the unsolved investigation as Carlos tries to track the same killer. Kiera’s suit tells her the victim’s daughter is lying about her relationship with her father and goes hard on the questioning. Carlos doesn’t appreciate it and I’m annoyed that Kiera hasn’t learned by now to not act weird when she’s drawing on information she knows from the future.

Kiera gets a call to meet Dillon, who tells her someone is waiting for her in the next room. It’s Escher and he implies that he knows who she is and offers to be an ally. She asks him what time he’s from and he avoids answering.

Continuum S2E7

Matthew approaches a man named Sanchez and offers to fund his research on creating energy and clean water. The deal falls through when Escher approaches him too and strikes a deal.

Continuum S2E6 Matthew

Kiera finally admits to Carlos that she’s a time traveler after they arrest the serial killer based on one of her “hunches” and she insists that he must have had a partner. Of course, he thinks she’s crazy cakes and dismissing her. She approaches the suspected partner, on her own, and basically accuse him of being a serial killer on the front porch. Oh, Kiera. Of course he gets the drop on her and ties her to a chair. She gets him to pick up her futuristic gun and tells him to shoot her with it, but it really knocks him out. Carlos arrives and he finally believes that Kiera is from the future.

Continuum S2E6 Kiera

Alec’s new girlfriend is super sketchy.

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