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Continuum – S2E7 – Second Degree

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Truths’ 

Carlos and Kiera are visiting Elena’s grave when she realizes the body has been moved. Later, Kiera discovers that someone impersonating a Section 6 agent had the two Liber8 bodies removed from the morgue. Meanwhile, Julian’s trial begins.

Continuum S2E7 Carlos and Kiera

Travis approaches Jim and tells him he wants a mayor in his back pocket.  Jim plays it off that he’s not for sale. Travis isn’t convinced and threatens him.

Keira spots Sonya in the courthouse and chases her, but she gets away. Kiera suspects that Liber8 has gotten to one of the jurors. She puts Gardiner on the scent of the missing bodies to keep him busy and out of her hair. He reviews surveillance footage and gets a good look at one of the men. He calls Kiera right away, but she dodges his call. Kiera and Carlos suspect that a juror’s family is being threatened and they’re right.

Alec’s mother lies on the stand to protect Julian, and Alec is pissed. If he tells the truth, she goes to jail. He apologizes to Carlos, even though he didn’t do anything. Kiera expresses sympathy for his mother’s situation, but Carlos isn’t trying to hear it. When they figure out that the juror’s family is being held on a boat, Alec connects to the chip in Kiera’s head and she scans all the boats in the marina and quickly finds it.

While Alec heads to court, someone enters his house and threatens Emily. She suddenly turns into a badass and kills the guy when he won’t tell her who sent him. She places a call for a cleanup and says that Escher will be interested in a piece of tech the dead guy dropped.

Alec ends up telling the truth and his mother understands. After Carlos and Kiera rescue the juror’s family, the trial continues as a bench trial. As we see him sentenced in present day, we see that he is found not guilty now and in the future. In the future, his sentence is stayed.

Continuum S2E7 Julian

Jim uses the verdict to tell the press that he will clean up the corruption in the court system if elected and he promises Carlos he will help in any way that he can. Later, Jim gets in a limo and Sonia is waiting for him. Jim set the whole thing up. They predict Julian will be coming to Liber8 soon enough.

Kiera finally checks her email from Gardiner and sees the surveillance footage. They meet and she learns he’s narrowed down the company who rented the van used and they decide to work together. Later, Travis kills the judge.

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