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Continuum – S2E8 – Second Listen

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Degree’ 

Soooo, in 2077, Garza was a hooker with a vaginal piercing and Alec was her client. Welp. That’s a cold open for you. As for the rest of the episode:

Continuum S2E8 Jasmine

Kiera and Gardiner bust two dope heads who rented the van used to take the bodies. They get a lead on a cargo container on the docks, but it’s empty.

Continuum S2E8 Kiera and Gardiner

Alec has doubts about his mom. The fact that his mom lied so easily on the stand makes him wonder what else she has lied about. Like maybe the fact that his father isn’t dead. Emily thinks that’s taking a huge leap. He admits that he took Flash and had a memory of Jason… he’s wondering if Jason is his dad. Emily encourages him to get some DNA to figure out. Kiera warns him to not let Emily get too close to what he’s doing and he tells her she’s starting to sound like Matthew.

Kiera works with Alec to find a suspect in the body snatching case, but she won’t tell Gardiner how she came by the info. Carlos side-eyes this new working relationship. At the courthouse, the two dope heads drop dead in the hallway, bleeding from their ears and noses. The guy Gardiner saw on the surveillance video walks away unnoticed.

Escher swears the man in question doesn’t work for him and still refuses to admit that he’s a time traveler. He does tell her that the people she’s looking for are freelancers with tiny tattoos on their hands. All they want is power and control. When she leaves, Escher looks at the same tiny tattoo on his hand.

Alec gets a DNA sample from Jason and takes it for testing. Armed with the new info, Kiera gets the coroner to look into the markings on the hands. Betty finds several cases of dead people who have the same markings and stolen identities. A small legal firm handled their affairs so Gardiner goes to look into it. He finds out that they all had the same beneficiary: the black guy from the video.

Alec’s roommate calls him with some kind of server emergency so Alec leaves the lab and heads for the house. On his way, Kiera calls him and he mentions that he’d really like for her and Emily to be friends. When he gets home, he finds his friends dead and Garza has his roommate at gun point. She knocks him out and asks if Alec still thinks she’s pretty, something old Alec said to her in 2077.

When Kiera and Carlos arrive at the crime scene, Kiera has Emily held because it’s clear she knows something. She tires to reach Alec at the lab via her suit, but Jason answers instead.

Garza takes Alec to a warehouse and questions him about what he’s been working on. In the future, we see her warming up to him in his apartment, watching him and giving him her opinion on the type of man he is. In present day she tells him his ideas are going to go out of control, have everyone on a leash. He swears he’ll put safeguards in place to ensure that the future doesn’t turn out the same way. In the future, Garza is also able to tell a lot about Kiera to Alec from the brief interaction she had with Kiera. when she was guarding Alec’s apartment.

Continuum S2E8 Alec and GarzaJason hooks Kiera up to the system so she can quickly scan traffic cams and they figure out where Garza took Alec.

In the future, Alec knows that Jasmine was there to kill him. In the present, she tells him he sent her back to kill him. He figures out that Garza is his fail safe: If he starts to fuck up, she’ll kill him. Kiera arrives and Garza keeps her at bay by threatening to kill Alec. When he mentions that he’s in love with a girl, Garza changes her mind. But she does tell him he better get it right.

Later, Alec puts his foot down with Matthew, insisting that Emily be allowed to visit him in the lab. Kiera and Emily share a nice moment where they call a truce.

Gardiner is murdered by the man in the video when he gets too close to finding out about the body snatchers.

Continuum S2E8 Gardiner Dies

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