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Continuum – S2E9 – Seconds

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Listen’ 

Before Kiera was born, shit was rough. Not paying your debts meant you get a chip implanted in your neck and forced to work an assembly line like a robot.

In present day, everyone knows the judge from Julian’s trial is dead at the hands of Liber8, Julian gets out of jail but goes on the run when his mother takes a bullet meant for him, and Dillon gets his job back. His first order of business is assigning two detectives to find Julian and torture everything he knows out of him. Kiera meets up with the two detectives with her own agenda: to kill Julian. Sonya’s group and Travis’ group each try to recruit Julian, but he turns them away. He tells Travis’ group that he won’t be their leader if Travis around.

Continuum S2E9 Julian

Alec and Julian finally bond, but Julian thinks Alec betrayed him when Kiera and the two detectives show up at the hospital. They take Julian to a cabin and begin to torture him. Fed up, Kiera is going to shoot Julian when one of the detectives stops her and Julian runs for it. She takes off after him and is about to kill him when Carlos appears. She starts talking about all the things Julian (as Theisis) will do in the future as Julian begs for his life. Finally, she lets him go and Carlos takes him home. He makes Julian promise that he’s going to fly straight.

Continuum S2E9 Julian in forest

However, Julia immediately goes to Travis’ group and finds that they sent Travis away like he asked. He tells them to gather round because he has something to say. Later, Kiera realizes that the very act of putting a gun to Julian’s head may be what turns him into the monster he becomes.

In the future, we see another man is about to be sentenced to work in the factory for not paying his debts, but Julian and his men come in and kill the guards. Julian then orders that the factory be blown up with the workers inside. The very chips they are building are the ones implanted in people to make them slaves. Julian’s man reluctantly does it and we see the chips are from Alec’s company.

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