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Continuum – S3E1 – Minute By Minute

Previously on Continuum, ‘Second Time’

Alec used the device to go back in time and save Emily. He goes back about a week. The freelancers – who we now know have sworn an oath to protect the world from people abusing technology and time travel – question Kiera to find out when in time Alec returned. All she knows in that he wants to save Emily and she guesses he went back about a week. Just like I said! Also, Curtis is a freelancer and very much not dead.

Alec buries the device and then heads for the lab where he sees Emily and the other Alec outside. Jason sees him and Alec explains. When Emily and Other Alec leave, they go into the lab. Matthew arrives and Alec announces that he’s going to take steps to make sure that Matthew doesn’t hook up with Travis and Sonya. He tells Matthew that in a few hours, Kiera is going to arrest Lucas and get the rest of the time travel device. Escher will get his hands on it and he already has a anti-matter room in which to activate it. They need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Kiera gets more info from Katherine, the captain of the order: After Kiera went back in time, the technology for time travel was abused. Someone went back in time 1,000 years to start an order, a group of guardians to stop those abuses from happening. Now that Alec has gone back, he no longer exists in his current time line and won’t grow up to build his empire. They need Kiera to right that wrong. She refuses to help them because she’s still butthurt over the fact that they killed Gardiner and framed her for it. Makes sense.

How does it all wrap up?

  • Garza and Kiera team up, kick major ass, and try to escape the facility. Garza is killed and the timeline starts to break down. Katherine offers Kiera a way out.

Continuum S3E1 Garza and Kiera

  • Alec goes to Kiera and tips her off to where Lucas and the device piece can be found. He also tells her about Gardiner’s death and that she will be framed for it.
  • Emily kills Escher in the new timeline.
  • Kiera goes back in time and convinces Katherine and the other freelancers that they sent her back to clean up Alec’s mess. She also frees Garza from the facility.
  • Alec finds Kiera dead in the lab, but then is shocked when Kiera appears behind him.



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