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Continuum – S3E2 – Minute Man

Previously on Continuum, ‘Minute By Minute’

In this episode:

  • Kiera’s understandably pissed to discover the other her, the original her, has been shot in the head. She tells Alec that The Freelancers sent her back to clean up his mess. She needs to decide which Alec Sadler bites it.
  • Jim meets his new LIber8 lawyer who really likes cocaine,
  • Carlos is filled in on the Two Alec Situation and they ask him to dispose of Kiera’s dead body
  • LIber8 gets Jim to record a message denouncing corporate corruption in law enforcement

Continuum S3E2 LIber8

  • Kiera uses Original Alec to find the the signal of the message, but Betty swoops in and finds the address first.
  • Matthew had something to do with Escher’s death, and tricks Kiera into telling him that there are two Alecs

Continuum S3E2 Matthew and Kiera

  • Time Travel Alec figures out that Jason isn’t his father, but his son.
  • Via flashback (forward?) we learn that Kiera joined the force because she believed in the war and to bail her mother out of a jam – and she wore a very bad wig

Continuum S3E2

  • Matthew keeps Emily under his thumb by threatening to tell Original Alec that she killed his father, Escher
  • Jim commits suicide
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