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Go Big or Go Home: Cosplay at Wondercon Was On Point

Last weekend, Wondercon – the first mega comic convention of 2016 – opened its doors in downtown Los Angeles and warmly received tens of thousands of comic enthusiasts, tv junkies, film buffs and anime fans. The panels and exhibit halls were all well and good, but one of the best attractions by far at any con are owed to the attendees themselves.

Due to the enormously high appeal (and ridiculously fast badge sales) of SDCC, a significant number of fans won’t be able to walk its crowded halls this summer. So Wondercon has become a cosplay haven of sorts for those who can’t make it to the big show. In recent years, the halls and verandas just outside the exhibit doors have been a fantastic staging area for meetups and photoshoots, featuring some of the best costumes and players assembled. This year, the fans and cosplay celebs really stepped their game up!

Impressive. Most impressive.

To see more, check out Project Fandom’s Instagram feed and marvel at the craftsmanship (and crazy mash-ups) of these dedicated, armor fabricatin’, tights sewin’, body paintin’ genre devotees.

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  1. That Snow White Bounty Hunter tho!

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