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Daredevil – S1E7 – Stick

Previously on Daredevil, ‘Condemned’ 

Daredevil S1E7 - Matt and Stick in the park

Grumpy Old Man

Ever wonder how a blind orphan like Matt Murdoch learned to fight so well? In this episode, his mentor named “Stick” (himself also blind) returns to Hell’s Kitchen seeking help tracking down a vaguely supernatural weapon mysteriously named “Black Sky.” In terms of casting Scott Glenn bears a striking resemblance to the comic book version of his character and, coupled with his cranky personality, it’s a perfect casting choice.

“Stick” cuts back and forth between the present and the past as we learn how Matt came to train under his blind master. It’s plain to see how the death of Jack Murdoch coupled with struggling with his blindness has profoundly traumatized Matt. After being the first person to buy him ice cream in a very long time, Stick takes Matt under his wing and shows him how to tap into the hidden potential of his heightened senses. By doing so, he fills the father figure role left vacant by Jack’s death. Yet when Matt shows gratitude and affection towards his blind mentor, Stick abruptly leaves him expressing his disappointment in the child’s sentimentality.

Daredevil S1E7 - Matt and Stick

“Nice catching up. You can keep the sticks. You’re gonna need them.”

“Stick” also serves the purpose of quietly introducing The Hand, a mystical ninja clan that have been staple antagonists in Daredevil mythology for decades. And while the episode doesn’t delve too deeply into why The Hand has formed an alliance with Fisk and decided to set up shop in Hell’s Kitchen, you get the sense something sinister is brewing with these people involved.

Master and Apprentice eventually come to blows when Stick involves Matt in the murder of a child. The two annihilate Matt’s apartment and Stick almost wiped the floor with his former pupil’s face. Matt prevails in the end, however, and the two part ways with Stick uttering a flippant comment as he leaves. Nevertheless, the first shots have been fired between The Hand and their mortal enemy, The Chaste (of which Stick is a member). The threat of a future war between the two organizations looms ominously over Hell’s Kitchen. As if Matt hadn’t enough on his plate already.

Daredevil S1E7 - Stick

Side Notes
  • Quote of the Week: “I know a lot of shit. This beer, for example, sucks.”- Stick
  • I was bit distracted by Scott Glenn’s attempt at speaking Japanese. It felt a bit hokey, but maybe that’s a discussion for another time.
  • Where is Matt’s mother? She’s not dead and the nun in the convent dismisses the issue casually.
  • I laughed out loud when Leland Owlsley used that stun gun on Matt while muttering “Asshole” under his breath.
  • “There are no heroes. No villains. Just people with agendas.”- Ben Urich
  • Ben and Karen get closer to uncovering the truth behind Fisk’s operation in Hell’s Kitchen, and they even bring Foggy on board.
  • Nobu’s reaction to discovering the contents of that freighter summed up many of our own reactions of “Really? That’s it?”
  • Was it little over the top for Stick to bust out with that bow and arrow?
  • That mysterious guy Stick was talking to at the end of the episode was probably his apprentice, Stone, who is also a member of The Chaste.
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