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Daredevil – S2E2 – Dogs to a Gunfight

Previously on Daredevil, ‘Bang’

Daredevil S2E2 - Daredevil in chains

“You know that I’m not an idiot.”

The follow-up to the explosive cliffhanger was middling at best. A lot of moments throughout the episode were very frustrating on account of the way characters behaved and the way events occurred as they did out of narrative convenience. It’s hard to believe that Foggy’s frantic search for Matt in the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen happened the way it did. For the record (and ask any New Yorker), Foggy’s “I lost my keys” strategy does not work. In fact that’s the fastest way to get the cops called on you—especially if there’s a mad gunman on the loose. And when he does find Matt, how did Foggy get him back home without people noticing an unconscious man in a Daredevil costume? Also, Foggy isn’t the most athletic person in the cast. But we do get a lot of shirtless Matt this episode, which I’m sure has been sorely missed. But all the topless montages of a wounded Charlie Cox isn’t enough to turn my brain off over the lingering inconsistencies in this episode.

Matt and Karen’s dynamic this episode was frustrating as well. He had the perfect opportunity to come clean and reveal that he’s Daredevil when Karen voices her opinion that perhaps The Punisher is a direct result of his alter ego’s vigilantism. And although it’s a common occurrence in superhero shows for anyone close to the protagonist to be kept in the dark about these matters, Karen is in enough danger already given the events of season one that it’s probably to her advantage to know that one of her bosses is the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Things are going to become tedious very quickly if this is going to be a recurring theme throughout the season.

Daredevil S2E2 - Gotto at Table

“Maybe we created him. All of us.”

We see more of Frank Castle doing other things like illegally obtaining weapons and quite possibly murdering child pornographers. Looks like he’s not just killing gang members but just about any kind of criminal—and ruthlessly at that, which sets him apart from The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. The episode also introduces us to District Attorney Samantha Reyes in all her contemptuous and condescending glory. Anyone who’s been tuning into Jessica Jones might recall her brief appearance at the end of the season. If she’s going to be around for most of the legal drama aspects of the show this season, she better do more than be a bureaucratic ice queen in heels and a pantsuit. “Dogs To A Gunfight” reaches a climax when DA Reyes uses Grotto as bait to capture The Punisher. The plan fails spectacularly when Daredevil arrives to complicate circumstances. In the end, Matt becomes Frank’s prisoner as Frank absconds with him to parts unknown, thus foreshadowing a possible meeting of the minds in the next episode.

Side Notes and Memorable Quotes

Quote of the Week: “Reyes wouldn’t buy a pack of gum if it didn’t move her political career forward.”- Matt

“They’re calling this one, The Punisher.”

“Copy cats are inevitable.”- Officer Mahoney

“Devil Worshippers” has such an ominous tone to it. I hope we got to see these upstart vigilantes in the season premiere instead of simply being told of their existence in an almost off-hand comment.

Kimchi is an absolutely acceptable form of payment for legal services.

Melvin Potter is back!

“In all my years in the force, I’ve never seen anyone like him.” Oh come on, Brett Mahoney, you’re Matt and Foggy’s age, this is like… What, your fifth year in the NYPD?

Daredevil S2E2 = 8/10
  • 7/10
    Plot - 7/10
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    Dialogue - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Shirtlass Matt Murdoch - 10/10
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