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Daredevil – S2E3 – New York’s Finest

Previously on Daredevil, ‘Dogs to a Gunfight’

Images: Netflix

Images: Netflix

“You know you’re one bad day away from being me.”

High above Hell’s Kitchen and chained to a chimney, Matt Murdock and Frank Castle finally have a meeting of the minds. And although it’s only been three episodes into the season, their conversation has been a long time coming. While the first two episodes focused on showing us The Punisher’s gruesome brand of justice, “New York’s Finest” peels away at his exterior to dig deeper into his motivations. The confrontation between these two self-avowed vigilantes highlights their views of justice. They aren’t without their own similarities either. Yes, they’re both native New Yorkers. Both of them were born and raised Catholic with all the connotations regarding guilt, suffering, and justice that it entails.

Make no mistake however, Frank Castle is Matt Murdock’s black mirror— a grim reflection of what Daredevil could become should he choose the path of bloodshed. Those who are familiar with The Punisher’s origin story should be surprised that he didn’t put a bullet through Matt’s head after the assumptions he made about Frank’s past. It’s just as callous as telling Batman to get over the death of his parents.


“I think that the people I kill need killing.”

The Punisher is a fascinating anti-hero or (in this narrative) antagonist. His methods are extreme but his reasons for killing would garner support from many Americans, though some won’t openly admit it. Nonetheless, from Frank’s perspective, Daredevil’s methods are an ineffective half-measure. The criminals heal from their wounds and live to murder, rape, and steal another day. Wouldn’t it be for the sake of the greater good to just put an end to their miserable lives? It’s a classic moral quandary that exists in the heart of the superhero genre: is it okay for them to kill?

In a short and poignant line that echoes Alan Moore’s famous “Batman: The Killing Joke” story, Frank Castle declares that Matt is just one bad day from becoming like him. And it’s true; all it takes is just one really bad day.

Side Notes and Notable Quotes

What does prison meat loaf taste like? Also, Foggy was amazing in this episode.

Ladies and gentlemen, can we have a round of applause for that epic stairwell fight scene?

“Listen to me. You had five [fingers], now two. Is that clear? Good.”- Claire

“For cryin’ out loud, you charge by the hour?”- Frank

Frank’s conversation with that fellow marine veteran was a deeply humanizing moment for our murderous psychopath.

What’s in Frank’s flask? I hope it’s the same stuff Jessica Jones has been drinking.

The way Matt utilized that chain in the fight scene reminded me of Ghost Rider, who often teams up with him in the comics.

Did you catch the reference to the events of Jessica Jones from Claire?

The actress who plays D.A. Reyes really knows how to chew the scenery like a Disney villain even with her own minion in A.D.A. Tower. Should it come as a surprise that she apparently has made a career by throwing people to the wolves? I’m still not sure if her cartoon villain tendencies are a good thing or not.

Wait, if Matt didn’t want to be called The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen then why did he pick that costume? Never mind.

Quote of the Week: “We don’t get to pick the things that fix us, Red. Make us whole. Make us feel purpose. My moment of clarity came from the strangest of places.”- Frank

Daredevil S2E3
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