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Dead Men Do Tell Tales in Black Sails Illustrated History

After months of eager anticipation, the third season of Black Sails will make its premiere on Starz. Finally, its dedicated fan base can soak in new adventures and bloodshed like an old seadog eyeing a fresh pint of grog!

To further whip folks into a greater frenzy, the series has collaborated with Hugo/Harvey/Eisner/Shuster award-winning artist Fiona Staples and incrementally released an illustrated history of Sails’ most enduring moments.

The final piece to the bloody puzzle was unveiled earlier today, giving a portent of the upcoming madness Flint, Vane and newcomer Edward Teach will unleash upon the British. All signs point to flames, death, cannon fire and heaps of anarchy.

blks season1 v1

Enjoy these clips from the season three premiere as Charles Vane and Max smolder with intensity as they ponder their respective dilemmas… #newworldproblems

Can’t wait, right?! The third season of Black Sails begins this Saturday, January 23 at 9pm ET/PT. For exclusives and behind the scenes access, follow the official profiles on Twitter and Instagram! Most of all, be sure to read our rousing reviews here at Project Fandom!

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  1. I got excited, I thought this was a TellTale game.

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