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Defiance – S1E10 – The Bride Wore Black

Previously on Defiance “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” 

How’d That Get In There?

Alak is having his bachelor party in the NeedWant. Apparently, a Castithan bachelor party involves the groom jousting with his friends, and when he beats them, he gets to free his bride (a hooker dressed as a bride) from a cage and have sex with her… in front of his friends. Well, Alak ain’t about that life and real fight with his friends ensues. In the chaos, they break open a wall and find skeletal remains.

Defiance The Bride Wore Black

Something Old… and Weird

Meanwhile, Christie is getting fitted for her gown by Kenya. Stahma arrives with a gift for Christie and after some secret flirting with Stahma, Kenya leaves. Stahma presents her daughter-in-law to be with a Castithan item wore by her, her mother, and her grandmother on their wedding day. It’s a headpiece that covers the brides eyes until after the ceremony is over. Christie thanks her even though you can tell she thinks it’s kinda weird, but Stahma is doing that sexy/creepy/sniffing thing so ‘thank you’ is probably best.

Hunter Bell

Doc Yewll examines the body and Tommy recognize the ring and belt buckle as belonging to Hunter Bell. Through flashbacks we learn that Hunter owned the NeedWant, was married to Kenya, and got Tommy his job at the sheriff’s office. He went missing seven years ago.

Kenya is informed and through flashbacks we learn that Hunter used to beat her, but she doesn’t tell this to Nolan. She says they had a happy marriage. Nolan and Tommy tell Amanda about Hunter, and through even more flashbacks we learn that Amanda confronted Kenya about Hunter’s beatings and warned that she would do anything to protect her sister.

Nolan agrees with Tommy that they’re both lying, but refuses to investigate further. A bad man was killed and now they have a wedding to attend.

Defiance - Season 1

Rafe Figures It Out

Over lunch, Rafe tells Datak that Christie isn’t wearing the weird mask and then questions why Datak has been so okay with the marriage. Figuring out that Datak may want his mines through his kids, Rafe lets it slip that when he dies, the mines go to a charity.

Datak goes home in a rage and informs Stahma and Alak that the wedding is off. Alak pushes back against his father, but Datak’s mind is made up. He leaves to give his son time to cool off.

Tommy Doesn’t Let Go

Tommy continues to investigate Hunter’s death as he and Irisa examine the crime scene. They find a whisker and Tommy remembers that Jared (a Liberata) the bartender was working at the NeedWant when Hunter went missing. They go to his trailer and find his dead body, bearing all signs of a Castithan hit.

Tommy and Nolan arrest Datak for the murders.

Wedding’s Off

Alak tells Christie the wedding is off and she runs from the room in tears. Rafe comes home and sees Alak is devastated. He really loves his daughter and tells Alak that is all that matters.

When Rafe Met Datak

At the station, Nolan presents Datak with the cane found his closet. The cane’s handle matches the shape of the crack in Hunter’s skull. Datak says he was framed. More flashbacks! When Datak was a street punk, he got into a fight with Hunter, who was pretty much the town’s street power. During the fight, Hunter pulled out a knife, but before he could stab Datak, Rafe intervened. To thank him for saving his life, Datak buys Rafe a drink.

Nolan lets Datak go and tells Tommy he knew Datak was innocent, but arrested him anyway to get him riled up. With any luck, Datak will lead them to who framed him.

Datak heads to the NeedWant and accuses Rafe, who’s dressed for a wedding, of framing him. Rafe denies any involvement and says he’s going to be late for the wedding. Datak is all, “What wedding?” Rafe says Alak may never get his mines, but the fact that those kids love each other is good enough for him so there will be a wedding. Datak pulls a Voltan knife, but Rafe pulls back his jacket to reveal the gun in his belt like, “Bitch, please.” Amanda enters and Rafe leaves with her for the wedding. Tommy watches all of this from the bar.

Defiance Datak and Rafe

Doc Yewll Confronts Nicky

Yewll has called Nicky to her office and says she knows Nicky killed Jared the bartender. Nicky says, “I had no choice. He was the only one who knew we killed Hunter Bell.”


More flashbacks! Doc Yewll was examining Nicky years ago, using a special tool to examine the bones in her arm. Nicky isn’t human! Hunter walks in and sees. Later, they confront him at the bar. Nicky admits that she’s Indogen and that she and Doc Yewll are there to retrieve something very valuable in the town, something that must not fall into the wrong hands. Hunter will remain quiet, for $100K. Nicky kills him. Yewll is shocked. And Jared saw it all.


Defiance Yewll and Nicky

Back to the present, Yewll injects Nicky with a paralytic. She says she can’t trust her with a walking cane, how can she trust her with a genocidal weapon? She injects Nicky again, this time killing her. “Goodbye, old friend.”

The Bride Wore… A Regular Veil. Huh.

Defiance Wedding

Before the wedding, Stahma presents Christie with a handmade ‘old-world’ bridal veil. Datak shows up after all and as Christie walks down the aisle, he asks Stahma why she isn’t wearing the mask. Stahma feigns ignorance, but beams at Christie. During the ceremony, Nolan notices Nicky is missing. Then he remembers that Jared’s fingers showed signs of being deprived of Nitrogen (what his race breathes to survive), but being poisoned by oxygen. He knows that Nicky carries around an oxygen tank. They find Nicky’s body in her car and she left a suicide note admitting to the murders.

Later, Doc Yewll hides the gold knot in her office.

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