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Defiance – S1E11 – Past is Prologue

Previously on Defiance ‘The Bride Wore Black’ 


Datak Takes the Temperature of the Room

At Nicky’s wake in the bar (or the NeedWant), Amanda is giving a heartfelt speech when Datak and Stahma arrive. Datak wastes no time reminding everyone that he is running for mayor and hints that he’ll have no problem working with The Earth Republic, which is good news for the E-Rep men in attendance.

Defiance Past Is Prologue

When Nolan leaves after receiving a phone call, Amanda speaks with Colonel Marsh from E-Rep. He says he wishes she’d accept their endorsement. She says there’s always a price for working with E-Rep.

Defiance S1E11

While Tommy and Irisa get busy at his place, Doc Yewll takes the golden knot to what looks like a greenhouse and uses it to activate a device. As she does, Irisa starts to scream that she can’t feel her legs.

Later, Doc Yewll checks out Irisa, who swears she’s fine. While in the exam room she has a vision of her younger self.

Lovers Quarrel

Stahma and Kenya are trying to get intimate, but Stahma’s mind is elsewhere. They bicker for a bit before Stahma finally admits that Datak will not be shamed by losing the election, and because of that, he’s planning on having Amanda killed.

Kenya warns Nolan and Amanda, but refuses to reveal her source. Amanda refuses to hide and trusts Nolan to keep her safe. Nolan warns Datak that if anything happens to Amanda – a slip in the shower, a hangnail, a runny nose – he’ll kill him.

Defiance Nolan Kenya and Amanda

Shaming Ritual

Alak is made to kneel before Datak in front of his whole campaign team and apologize for shaming him at the wedding. Then Datak tells Alak he has an important job for him – a job that Alak passes on to an eager friend so that it’s not linked to Datak.

Deadly Debate

The mayoral debate is held outside on a cold and rainy day. Alak preps his friend to get the shot “right between the eyes” and leaves him with a rifle on a rooftop. Irisa sees something suspicious and takes off. During the debate, Datak makes his case for an alliance with E-Rep, which Amanda rebuts. Irisa goes sniffing around the greenhouse and has more visions of her past.

Defiance - Season 1

Alak’s friend aim a gun at Amanda, but Nolan sees him before he can fire. He calls out, “gun,” and shoots. When the kid falls from the rooftop, his gun goes off and nails Nolan in the chest. It’s a paintball gun.

The council meets and Datak demands that Nolan is arrested. Amanda stands by Nolan as does the council. Datak wants the record to show their refusal to act.


Irisa blames herself for leaving her post, but Nolan notes that he didn’t have to shoot to kill.

Alak confronts Datak, asking if he knew that his friend would be shot. Before Datak can jump in that ass, Stahma intervenes and points out how brave Alak is to question his father. Not sure how this diffuses the situation, but it does.

Doc Yewll panics when she finds the greenhouse has been tossed, but she’s relieved that the golden knot is still in its hiding spot.

Nolan goes to the boy’s parents to apologize. The father walks away and the mother cries. Datak goes on the radio and tells everyone about Nolan’s past in the military and his crimes against the Voltans. He plays a recording of Nolan which doesn’t put him in the best light. Alak looks uncomfortable with his father’s actions, but does nothing.


Nolan offers his badge and tells Amanda she is going to fire him and publicly disavow him. She refuses, but he says it’s the right thing to do.

Alak stands outside his dead friend’s house and is snatched by three guys. They drag him off and beat the hell out of him until Rafe tells them to stop. He then tells Alak that if he disappoints him again, he’ll kill him. Seems like Alak needs to decide who he’s more afraid of: his father or Rafe.

Kenya Plays Her Hand

Kenya storms into Stahma’s house and threatens to tell Datak about them. She doesn’t appreciate being set up. Stahma doesn’t deny doing it and says that she loves Datak because he is cruel. Kenya calls her pathetic. Stahma counters, “And you’re alone.”

Nolan approaches Datak on the street and the two brawl. Nolan eventually gets the best of Datak and is about to shoot him, but Irisa stops him. Nolan declares himself “done with this town.” They start to walk as Datak laughs maniacally. Irisa kicks Datak in the face.

Defiance Nolan and Irisa

Emergency Surgery

Doc Yewll goes messing around in her greenhouse again and Irisa has another attack. Doc Yewll brings her inside and says she has a Voltan parasite in her and that she’ll need to operate. She forces Nolan outside and cuts into Irisa, who lies on the table, knocked out and having visions. When she was a little girl, a silver knot was placed on her back and something went into her body. Now, it’s coming out and reacting to the gold knot. Nolan hears a noise inside and busts into the room, finding Doc Yewll on the floor and Irisa gone.

Defiance artifacts

Irisa stumbles through the woods before falling down. Rynn approaches and says she saw what Nolan did to Sukar. She wants a reason not to kill Irisa. Irisa’s younger self watches from a distance.

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  1. This show continues to get better. I’m so glad I stuck with it. I’m very much looking forward to Monday night’s season finale.

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