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Defiance – S1E12 – Everything is Broken

Previously on Defiance, ‘Past Is Prologue’


Searching For Irisa

Nolan and Tommy are in the woods looking for Irisa. Tommy is concerned that when they find her, she and Nolan will be leaving town.

A Vote is a Vote

While Alak pimps out his dad over the airwaves, Datak is a nervous wreck on election day. Stahma takes him aside for a quickie against a wall. He’s surprised as they’ve never done it that way before. She says she’s always looking for new ways to please him. Later, they go to the polling station so Stahma can vote. When Kenya makes a comment that Stahma is lovely and that Datak should “keep an eye on her,” Datak pieces together that Stahma betrayed him with Kenya, and he whispers to Stahma that he should gut her open in front of everyone, but a vote is a vote.

Defiance S1E12 Datak and Stahma

Irisa Found

Irisa and Rynn pray over Sukar. Irisa tells Rynn that Nolan didn’t mean for Sukar to end up that way. When Rynn says she has heard stories about Nolan, he says from the doorway, “I didn’t take you for a gossip queen.” He questions why Irisa ran and she said she had a vision and was following someone who could give her answers.

E-Rep Comes to Town

Kaziri, Voltan ship with powerful weapons, that’s what everyone is looking for, including Doc Yewll and E-Rep. The E-Rep Colonel Marsh, along with his interrogator, Black Jonah, threaten Doc Yewll. They want to know where Irisa is since she has the two keys to turn the ship on inside her.

Defiance Black Jonah

You Determine Who You Are

Irisa is all sad because she’s the angel of death. That is a tough gig. Nolan tells her she is not and then they watch as the E-Rep descend on the Irathient camp and kill one when Irisa won’t show herself. When they threaten Tommy, Irisa gives up.

Defiance S1E12 Irisa

The E-Rep agents, including Black Jonah, take Irisa away and leave Nolan alone with one guy to finish him off. Of course, Nolan kills the guy instead and heads for the mine after the E-Rep gang.

You Know Nothing, Kenya Rosewater

Stahma goes to the NeedWant and tells Kenya they both need to leave town or Datak will kill them. Kenya doesn’t believe her. Stahma says she was lying before when she said Datak knew about them, but she’s not lying now. She tells Kenya she’ll meet her in the woods later so they can leave town together.

And The Winner Is…

Datak wins the election. After everyone leaves Amanda’s office, Kenya tells her what a good sister she has been and hugs her goodbye. Amanda insists that she is fine and that Kenya doesn’t have to talk her down from a ledge, but we know there’s more going on because…

Rendezvous in the Woods

Kenya meets Stahma in the woods. Stahma says she has a roller nearby and they’ll head for Chicago. She offers Kenya a flask, but Kenya won’t drink from it unless Stahma does first. When Stahma refuses, Kenya pulls a gun on her and says if Datak wants to see his wife alive again, he’ll leave Defiance. Stahma says Datak will never do that. Suddenly, Kenya passes out. The poison was on the flask, not in it, and Stahma was wearing gloves. She cradles Kenya’s lifeless body and sings to her.

Defiance S1 Finale Kenya and Stahma

How Do We Get This Done?

Colonel Marsh and Doc Yewll ponder the best way to get the artifacts out of Irisa and into one of his men.

Datak finds out that he was played by E-Rep. They don’t want the Gulanite and he realizes that now. Marsh tells Datak they’re running shit now and he’ll be going back to being a nobody.

Doc Yewll has Irisa on a gurney and whispers to her that whatever she did to her in her office, she should do it again. Doc Yewll then wheels her into the next room for the procedure.

Defiance Doc Yewll

Stahma arrives in Datak’s new office and says she did as he asked. She says the E-Rep men are looking for Colonel Marsh downstairs. Datak is all, “Welp. They won’t find him.” He has killed Colonel Marsh. As the E-Rep men are heard outside the door, Datak and Stahma embrace and both admit that they miss home.

Defiance Datak and Stahma

The Devouring Mother

Nolan, Rynn, and Rafe bust in to rescue Irisa, who uses her ‘power’ as Doc Yewll advised and takes out the doctors in the room. Rafe is shot in the arm, and tells Nolan and Irisa to leave him. Before they can get far, Black Jonah shoots Nolan, Nolan shoots him, but later dies in Irisa’s arms.

She heads inside the mine and confronts her younger self, who says she’s Irzu. Irisa is able to walk through a wall after expelling the artifacts from her body and holding them in her hands. She stands about the ‘weapon’ on a cliff, and drops each artifact into the green light it’s emitting. Then she has flashes of her life with Nolan, says his name, and falls into the pit.

When she does, Nolan awakens and calls for her. He wanders to a hilltop, calling for Irisa, and sees the E-Rep troops spreading out. They announce that they are now in control of Defiance.

Defiance S1 Finale Nolan


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