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Defiance – S1E3 – The Devil in the Dark

Previously on Defiance “Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go

Morning Run

A jogger stretches, pops in earbuds, and heads off on a morning run. From the classical music coming from his headphones, you just KNOW something bad is going to happen. And it does. He’s chased by a creature in the grass and dragged off screaming.

Little Wolf 

The Irathien Spirit Riders who helped Defiance fight The Vulge return to trade in the markets. Most of the town people are frightened of them. Their leader approaches Irisa (he calls her Little Wolf) and tells her she should be with her own kind.

Body in the Woods

The body in the wood is identified. The jogger worked in the bakery. Irisa has weird flashes and Jeb notices.

Calamari is the Safe Word

Kenya is “entertaining” a client, pouring hot grease on him as they have sex. He starts calling out their safe word just as his chest explodes. The man was bitten and infested by something called a Hellbug. There’s also evidence that Hellbug pheromones were sprayed on him to attract it.

Family Dinner

Christie joins the Tarr family for dinner: Voltan Sea Otter. Yum! When Datak makes a mean comment about her father in their native tongue, she leaves the table. Turns out, she’s been learning Castithan. Stahma tells him that they need to be nice to Christie and help her reconcile with her father if their plan is to work. While outside, a Hellbug approaches Christie and Alak and tries to enter the house. Datak arrives and tells them to run. He tries to fight off two of them. A short while later he emerges, covered in Hellbug blood. They take Christie home to her father and things seem to be better.

Jeb, Irisa, and Tommy LaSalle arrive and order Christie to shower and have her clothes burned. The men who died had dealings with Rafe and they think his family and friends are being targeted with the Hell Bug pheromone.

Datak Tarr

Touched By a Spirit Rider

Irisa has a seizure/vision and realizes the female Spirit Rider, Rynn, is behind the attacks. Apparently, Irisa has been “touched” and is connected to the Spirit Riders.

She agrees to perform a ritual with their leader to try and “see” Rynn. It works.


I’m an Alien and You Made Me Afraid of That

Irisa is pissed because all this time Jeb convinced her that she was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, but her visions were real and apart of being an Irathien touched with the sight.

Smells Like Teen Shtako

Jeb, Irisa, Tommy, and the Spirit Rider leader head down into the mines after Rynn. They cover themselves in a foul-smelling goo to mask their scent and protect them against the hellbugs.

They encounter the queen hellbug, but she can’t see or smell them so they stand still. But they keep talking…

Tommy starts placing charges to blow up the hellbug hive, but they need to find Rynn first. She finds them by shooting the leader in the leg. Irisa tries to talk her down from throwing the pheromones on them. She tells her how she saw in her vision what happened to her parents and how they were killed for their land. (Rafe bought the land from the two guys who killed her family: the jogger and kinky greasy sex guy.) Rynn tosses the case of pheromones anyway, but Jeb throws it on the queen hellbug, getting the babies to attack her instead.

They all make a run for the elevator to leave the mines.

Righting Old Wrongs

The Spirit Riders are given back their land and in turn agree to lease it to Rafe’s mines. Rynn is still charged for what she did. The leader… I’m just going to refer to him as Steampunk… says goodbye to her and later joins Irisa at the bar.



Nolan clearly doesn’t like how close they are. Rafe drops Christie off at the Tarrs. I feel so bad for him!

Later, Jeb holds Irisa’s hand as she suffers a vision in her sleep.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Personally, I enjoy the Tarr/McCawley storyline the best.


Datak and Stahma Tarr

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