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Defiance – S1E4 – A Well Respected Man

Previously on Defiance “The Devil in the Dark”

Welcome to the Gun Show

Two Castithan drug dealers ride through Defiance. Jeb, Tommy, and Irisa stop them and seize their money, guns, and drugs. Jeb tells them they’ll be using the money, Datak’s money, to pay anyone who wants to inform them of Datak’s operations.

Mayor in Name Only

Amanda meets with the town’s council members and it’s clear her opinion isn’t really appreciated. Datak busts in and explains that Defiance’s arms come from his dealings and Nolan busted that up.

Amanda Takes the Blame

A woman approaches Amanda on the street and demands that she does something about Kenya. Her husband has been a client at the brothel. When the woman calls Kenya a pig whore, Amanda slaps her. “Your mother must be proud,” the woman says before walking off. Amanda has a flashback to their mother dying in the war and Amanda giving Kenya a necklace from their mother. In the present, Amanda is startled to see children saw her hit the woman.

This One’s On Me

Nolan and Kenya finish their sexy time and Kenya refuses his money. Though she doesn’t want to put labels on what they have, she knows she doesn’t want him paying for it anymore.

Amanda busts in and blames Nolan for leaving the town defenseless. She also lashes out at Kenya for her choices. They argue and Amanda leaves.

You Shouldn’t Have Seen That

A female client confronts Kenya about money stolen from her by one of Kenya’s girls. When Kenya tries to approach the hooker, she runs off and Kenya gives chase. Kenya finds her trying to buy drugs from a Bioman who’s guarding some sort of trailer. The door to the trailer opens and there are people bound and gagged inside.

Kenya and her worker take off running, but the Bioman chases them and knocks Kenya out.

Defiance S1 Kenya


Father/Son Relationships Ain’t Easy

Rafe argues with his son in the mines when his son learns that Rafe refuses to let him finish Luke’s work.

Looking For Kenya

Nolan and Amanda get a lead on Kenya and the Bioman, who deals in Blue Devil. Nolan says that the only Bioman in town works for Datak and explains that Blue Devil is a drug made from adrenal glands. People are scared and then their glands are drained.

When the Bioman delivers his victims, including Kenya, to Miko (the guy making the drug), he is chastised for kidnapping the mayor’s sister – someone who will be missed.

Miko says they’ll process this last batch, sell it, and then hit the road.

Datak Defends Himself

Nolan and Amanda go to Datak’s house and demand info on the Bioman (Ulysses). Datak denies all knowledge of Ulysses’ wrongdoing. He taunts Nolan by saying that kidnapping a woman isn’t his style, now if Kenya was found on a doorstop with her throat cut…

Amanda calms things by appealing to Datak’s ego: If people see Ulysses acting on his own, it undermines Datak’s authority.

Datak’s ego is exactly why he won’t help. He says they treat him like a criminal and only come to him when they want something. Their lack of respect for him is why he won’t help. So, he’s taking his toys and going home. Amanda runs off in tears.

Stahma Reaches Out

Stahma moves Amanda to a private place to speak. She says she wants to help because Kenya is nice to her. She always hugs her and whispers, “Your husband is amazing. Thank you for sharing him with me.”


Anyway, Stahma says that showing Datak respect in the form of appointing him to the empty town council seat will guarantee his help in finding Kenya.

I love Stahma! She’s the real power and brains in that family.

Defiance Stahma


Kenya on the Run

Kenya and her Night Porter (what she calls prostitutes) are running through the vents of the building they’re being held in. There’s Volge roaming the place as security.

Datak Gives a Lesson

Datak and Nolan walk through town and Nolan wants to know what kind of deal he made with the mayor. Datak refuses to tell. He explains that knowing gossip on people in town is power and displays this by pointing out what he knows about people as they pass them. He says that Ulysses has an affection for Castithans, one in particular.

They visit this man’s trailer and shake him down for info. He gives up Ulysses’ location.

Heart to Heart

Rafe opens up to his son, explaining that he loves him just as much as he loved Luke. Then he reveals the gold item that Luke had hidden in his room, what he found at the bottom of the L7 shaft. He believes Luke was killed because of it.

It Was All a Dream!

Not really. Kenya isn’t on the run, but knocked out and given drugs to induce those visions and fear. She wakes up and removes the needles. She kills Miko. Before Ulysses attacks, Nolan and Amanda arrive and shoot him.

Defiance Kenya


Ain’t No Such Saint

When Kenya tries to give the necklace she believed came from her mom to the Night Porter she rescued (Kira), Kira tells her the necklace isn’t of Saint Finnegan; there is no Saint Finnegan. It’s Saint Christopher. Kenya confronts Amanda.

Via flashback, we see that their mom left them when Amanda refused to leave Kenya behind. Amanda gave her the necklace from a dead soldier named Finnegan and said their mom died bravely. Amanda never told her the truth before because she didn’t want to hurt her.

We’re treated to an ending montage of Datak enjoying his new position and Rafe and his son exploring the mine shaft that Luke was working on.

Nolan tells Stahma, “You know, I’ve had my eye on the wrong snake. You’re the dangerous one.”

“You’re very sweet,” she responds.

I told you!

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