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Defiance – S1E5 – The Serpent’s Egg

Previously on Defiance “A Well Respected Man” 

Mail Call

The opening scene sets up quite a bit: We learn that Alak Tarr works as a DJ at the radio station atop the Arc; there’s a mail truck that delivers everything (parcels and people) to town every two weeks; and Amanda and Nolan are taking that transport out of town. Nolan is escorting the prisoner from two episodes ago to jail. No one notices that Rynn, the prisoner, has lifted the driver’s pen.



Defiance - Season 1

Blast From the Past

After Irisa says goodbye to Nolan. She spots a male Castithan arriving. She has a flashback to something involving a masked Castithan and a snake. She follows him.

Love and Propositions

Aboard the transport, Amanda watches the Earth Republic ambassador, Olfin and her two husbands who are also traveling. Amanda has been ignoring the Olfin’s letters for weeks. However, Amanda cannot ignore how attentive the woman’s husbands are. She admits to Nolan that she once considered group marriage for its many benefits and that she doesn’t believe in one love for everyone. Nolan muses that she was probably burned by love before.

Irisa’s mystery Castithan is propositioned by the prostitute from last week. He turns her down citing the fact that he’s a family man. When he heads outside, he encounters Irisa and she knocks him out.

Mistaken Identity?

The mystery man wakes up tied to a chair. Irisa greets him as Dygo, but he insists that she has him mistaken for someone else. She says he is the man who tortured her and that he will tell her why or he’s going to die.

Trouble on the Road

Aboard the transport, everyone is conveniently sleeping so the prisoner makes her move. Before she can get to a gun however, Nolan pulls one of his own on her and confiscates the pen. He secures her to the seat.

There’s a crash, the driver is dead, and bandits are approaching. Turns out, the preacher aboard is robbing the transport. They want money, but Olfin refuses to give any up. They shoot one of her husband’s before she gives up a chip in his sleeve that’s worth a lot of money. Her other husband is pissed that she didn’t give it up sooner.

Nolan manages to grab a gun and a shootout ensues. The other husband is wounded, but so is the preacher. He grabs Olfin, who is outside the van with him and the other bandits, and Amanda closes the doors to the transport.

Defiance Amanda Rosewater

Serpent’s Lair

Tommy follows Irisa back to where she is holding Dygo prisoner. Dygo pleads for his life, but Irisa ties Tommy up, too.

Irisa explains to Tommy that Dygo told her parents she was special and needed to fulfill a destiny. Her parents turned her over and watched as she was tortured. Irisa is sure it’s him because of his smell (he wore a mask that covered his mouth when he tortured her) and an eye twitch. The man closes his eyes and asks her what color his eyes are. She says blue. The man opens his eyes and they’re orange. Irisa is still convinced and unleashes a snake upon him which bites him on the shoulder.


Night has fallen and Olfin pleads for help. The preacher, Preston, has left her tied up outside and wolves are moving in. Nolan thinks Preston will blink first because he was shot in the leg and is also losing blood. Amanda says they can’t gamble with the Olfin’s life. They should give him the money they were transporting to pay for the town’s railroad line.

Nolan will go make the exchange and Amanda is to shoot Preston’s henchman if she has the chance. While this is going on, Rynn starts working on her handcuffs again. The remaining husband doesn’t say anything as she escapes.

Nolan hands over the money and of course Preston goes to double cross him. Amanda takes out the henchman, Nolan kills Preston. Before Preston dies he refuses to give up who setup the heist.

They all make camp for the night, but things take a turn for the worst when Olfin pulls a gun on them. Before she can do anything, Rynn returns and whips a chain around her neck, but stops Nolan from retrieving a weapon.

The Devouring Mother

Dygo finally admits to being the one who tortured Irisa. It all goes back to this prophecy that Irisa is The Devouring Mother. The last part of Irisa’s torture was for her to kill, but Nolan and his military squad rushed in and rescued her first. Now, Dygo says that his destiny was to help her fulfill the prophecy. He will now be the sacrifice she never got to kill before. Irisa doesn’t kill him and tells Tommy they will let Dygo in instead. Going back to an ordinary life will be the worst punishment for him.

Even Stevens

Rynn wants a weapon and a roller (car). Amanda let’s Rynn go with time served for saving them. Rynn leaves, giving the remaining husband a lift to the next town. Nolan suggests they kill Olfin, and it’s not clear if he’s kidding, but Amanda says they will turn her in.

Keeping Up Appearances

Olfin is cuffed and put aboard a transport, but it’s just for show. She is released once they are aboard and she orders intel on Amanda Rosewater.

Tommy admits that he was willing to kill Dygo with Irisa because he has nightmares, too, and he also has feelings for her. They get it on in the prison while Nolan and Amanda share a few drinks.

Rynn rides off in the sunset with the other husband

Pretty solid episode considering serious lack of the Tarr family.

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