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Defiance – S1E7 – Goodbye Blue Sky

Previously on DefianceBrothers in Arms

Razor Rain

As what looks like meteors pelts down on Earth, Sukar and his spirit riders race through the badlands for shelter on their buggies and bikes. When Sukar is injured by what he calls ‘Razor Rain,’ his men carry him to cover. He sees Irisa in the doorway and tells her that what they do is for the good of all. Irisa awakens in a panic. It was a dream/vision.

Defiance Sukar

Shiny Happy People

Alak and Christie are hanging out in the radio station as a storm approaches. She has concerns about a pre-wedding ceremony in which they join together with their whole family in a bathtub. Alak assures her it will be weird, but only 20 minutes out of her life.

Irisa on the Move

Irisa informs Nolan of her visions and that she’s headed for the badlands to see Sukar. Nolan looks concerned, but softens when she asks him to go with her.

Ex-Mayor Pays a Visit

Nicky arrives at Rafe’s claiming her roller broke down and she needs a place to wait for the repair truck. She mentions that her driver, Birch (who Quentin murdered last episode) is visiting family or else she wouldn’t have been driving herself. Quentin rushes from the room.


Defiance Nicky and Quentin

A Present For the Groom

Stahma Tarr visits Kenya’s brothel hoping to hire women for Alak. She wants him to know what’s he doing on his wedding night so that when Christie tells her father about it, he will be proud. Kenya laughs and explains that human girls do not talk to their dads about their wedding nights. Stahma is offended by being laughed at and tries to leave. Kenya apologizes and convinces her to stay for a drink.


Defiance Stahma and Kenya

A Path to Irzu

Irisa and Nolan arrive at the badlands and find out from the spirit riders that Sukar is dead. They realize that he was injured by Razor Rain and Nolan says they have to warn the town; they think it’s just a regular rain storm approaching. Irisa opts to stay for Sukar’s death ritual. During the ritual, Sukar rises from the bathtub he’s being bathed in and declares that “the path to Irzu is through his body.” All the other spirit riders – except for Irisa – kneel before him.

The Town Prepares

Nolan calls Alak at the radio station as he heads back to Defiance. He asks to be patched through to the entire town and then warns everyone about the Razor Rain, which is shrapnel from the warships still in orbit around the planet. Amanda instructs the town’s leaders what to do to prepare for the oncoming storm.

Zombie Sukar

The spirit riders argue over what Sukar’s resurrection means – some think it’s a curse, others thinks it’s a sign from Irzu. Sukar is preparing to leave for Defiance. Irisa follows.

Defiance Irisa and Sukar

Nicky’s Motives

Nicky admits to Rafe that she’s there for looking Birch because she sent him to break into his house looking for the relic that Luke had. She says that if she had to guess, Rafe caught Birch and killed him. Seeing the look on Rafe’s face, Nicky insists that she was just kidding and asks if there’s a room she can rest in.

Sukar’s Changed

Sukar breaks into a mechanic’s garage for supplies. When the mechanic arrives and shoots Sukar, Sukar heals instantly and wounds the man. Irisa stops Sukar from going further. He explains that what is happening is a test for both of them, but she insists they can’t go around hurting people. He challenges her to accept that they are both special and that they’re on a holy mission. He tells her to join him on his quest so that perhaps she can keep him out of trouble.


Luke’s ghosts appears to Quentin again and tells him he needs to kill Nicky, too. Quentin refuses. Rafe enters and confronts Quentin about Birch. Rafe admits what happened. Rafe says there’s no proof and that Quentin was just protecting his home.

Stahma’s Confession

Stahma and Kenya chat over drinks. Stahma admits that she loves her son and husband, but sometimes she wants something that’s just for her. She says she was a poet on their world until her father disapproved.

Sukar Attacks

Nolan and Amanda rush Tommy (who has been injured by the rain while helping someone) to Doc. Doc has been attacked by Sukar who was rifling through her supplies. Nolan is shocked to learn Sukar is alive and that Irisa didn’t stop him attacking her. As Doc works on Tommy, she loses his pulse.

Nicky’s Proof

Nicky confronts Rafe with a blood-stained pillow. She says she know it’s Birch’s blood. We know that can’t be because Quentin choked him to death. Rafe confesses to killing Birch, but Nicky says that he would only admit to something like that to protect his family. She calls out that if Quentin wants to know what really happened to his mother, he’d come see her. When Rafe grabs her by the neck and pushes her to the door, she reveals that she cut her finger upstairs and we know it’s her blood on the pillow. She played him. When Quentin asks about Nicky’s offer, Rafe brushes him off.

The Signal

Sukar busts into the radio station. At the infirmary, Nolan and Amanda notice there’s no radio transmissions coming through. Doc figures out that Sukar is using the station to send out a signal. There’s a ship heading for Defiance.

 Irisa’s Choice

Nolan enters the radio tower and orders Sukar to shut down the satellite. He doesn’t and Nolan shoots him, but Sukar heals. Nolan shuts it down and they fight. When Sukar gets the best of Nolan, he instructs Irisa to tie Nolan up and she starts to do just that. Nolan gets loose and shoots Sukar several times. Sukar says, “It flows through both of us” before falling out of the tower and landing on some scaffold below. Irisa turns the satellite back on and Nolan can’t bring himself to shoot her to stop it. The ship hurtles towards Defiance, but picks up power and navigates away from the town where it crashes.

Doc Explains All

Sukar is in a coma and Doc says he’s not ever coming out of it. The reason he was alive and on his mission had nothing to do with a god, but with the tiny robots that entered his body when he was hit with the shrapnel. They were programmed to preserves Voltan life and needed to direct the wreckage away from the town. Irisa challenges Doc to explain her visions. Doc says it’s not due to any “ooga booga god.”

A Secret

Kenya and Stahma had sex. Stahma says it’s nice having a secret, something all to herself. When Kenya wonders what Datak would say if he saw them together, Stahma warns that if he found out, he’d kill them both. Ooookay.

Irisa leaves Sutak with his spirit riders.


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