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Defiance – S2E12 & S2E13 – All Things Must Pass & I Almost Prayed

Previously on Defiance

Defiance S2E12: “All Things Must Pass”

Defiance S2E13: “I Almost Prayed”

Datak and Stahma decide to stop sneaking around make this thing official, but before they can do so, they’re kidnapped by Pottinger who serves them up to Amanda as Kenya’s killers. Amanda can’t bring herself to kill them even after telling Stahma that Kenya never loved her back. When Alak and Christie realize that Datak is home to stay, they run right into Christie’s mama’s arms who has been trying to get them to live with her. The Tarrs handle all the members of their crew who might not be too happy with their reconciliation by killing them. A couple that murders together…

Defiance Finale The Tarrs

Nolan struggles to drag Tommy back to Defiance, but Tommy eventually succumbs to his stab wound. There were some sweet flashbacks as Tommy remembered his time with Irisa, including a never-seen-before moment where he’d proposed. When Nolan returns to town with Tommy’s dead body, Berlin loses it. She is not comforted by the fact that Irisa wasn’t herself when she stabbed him.

Defiance S2E13 Berlin and Amanda

Amanda sides with Pottinger and the E-Rep against Nolan and his plan to use Kai to stop Irisa, who has already obliterated New York. Doc Yewll turns herself in and offers to help reverse what Irisa has started, but it means killing Irisa. Understandably, Nolan ain’t about that life and escapes with Kai to save Irisa. When Irisa learns that Tommy is dead, she wants Nolan to kill her. He tells her they still have work to do and if she wants the bullet when they’re done, he’ll oblige. But for now, she needs to put on her big girl panties and stop the whining. Irzu tries one last time to stop Irisa by appearing to her as Tommy and begging her to stop what she’s doing so that Irzu can bring him back. It’s tempting, but with Nolan whispering in her ear she resists.

As the blue orbs float around the sky, people in Defiance panic. Pilar pushes a little too hard to get Alak and Christie to leave and they realize something isn’t right. Before they can get away, Quintin knocks Alak out and Pilar orders Christie into the car at gunpoint. The Tarrs’ new handmaiden runs to tell Datak and Stahma who rush to get weapons. They realize that Rafe is the only person who might know where Pilar has taken their children.

The E-Reps at Camp Reverie have lost their damn minds. With prisoners freaking out and trying to riot, and no backup on the horizon, they start executing prisoners by firing squad. Berlin arrives and tries to put a stop to it, but she’s beaten and lined up with the prisoners. Before they can be killed, Stahma and Datak show up, popping caps in all kinds of asses. They tell Berlin they need Rafe for “family business.”

Berlin and Rafe

Nolan, Kai, and Irisa board the ship that was crashed into Earth nearly 3,000 years prior and they manage to shoot the orbs out of the sky, saving the world. As the cavern around them starts to crumble, Kai runs out, but Nolan cradles Irisa in his arms as it all comes down around them.

In the end, the Tarrs and Rafe are hot on Pilar’s heels, Amanda has slept with Pottinger, Doc Yewll returns to her lab, and Berlin raises a toast to Tommy in the NeedWant. Oh, and Irisa and Nolan are frozen in one of the pods well below the earth.

Defiance Nolan

What Worked:

  • Nolan. His love for Irisa has never been questioned, but never tested more than in these final episodes. I laughed out loud any time anyone tried to stop him from saving her. The best bit was when Amanda put a letter opener to Kai’s throat. “Oh, come on!” said Nolan who thought he’d had the upper hand by putting a gun to Mercado’s head. His willingness to die with his daughter, who was too tormented to go on after killing so many was beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • Berlin. Holy hell. Way to turn a new character (who should have been unlikable) into a fan favorite. Her grief for Tommy was real. Honestly, I would have liked to have seen Amanda have more of an emotional response to the news of his death.
  • The Tarrs. Any time they’re onscreen it’s pretty much the best thing ever. The two of them marching in with guns blazing to save Rafe was awesome. I’m here for Stahma shooting a dirty E-Rep in the head for good measure.
  • Doc Yewll’s confession while still covering for Pottinger was brilliant. She’ll be able to use him for a favor later. Smart lady.Score | 9.5/10

What Didn’t Work:

  • Despite proving that they’re both capable of being dirty (and murderous) when need be, Alak and Christie are still so easily manipulated by everyone: Treasure Doll, Pilar, Stahma, etc.
  • The whole Irzu plot. I’m sorry. it was intriguing in the first few episodes, but with so many interesting power plays, lies, threats, blackmail, and manipulation going on in town, I found the mystical possession storyline boring. Hopefully, it’s gone for good in season 3.
  • RIP Tommy.


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