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Defiance – S2E2 – In My Secret Life

Previously on Defiance, ‘The Opposite of Hallelujah’

This episode had one purpose: Reinstate Nolan as the law keeper in Defiance. Before he and Irisa can get into the town proper, they have a  tense run-in with Berlin. While Irisa cools her heels in a cell for most of the episode, Nolan (under orders from Amanda, Mayor Pottinger’s new chief of staff) tracks a bomber in the town. This doesn’t go over well with Tommy who is stripped of his balls title and gun so that Nolan can do his job.

Defiance S2E2

Meanwhile, Pottinger has blackmailed Stahma into giving up all of her drugs. He threatens to have Datak pardoned and we know Stahma is in no rush to have her husband return home. In prison, Datak and works with Ywell on an escape plan, but it doesn’t go as planned. In the end, Ywell loses a finger and Datak positions himself to save Pottinger’s life, but Pottinger doesn’t budge. Datak remains imprisoned… for now. Christie is still trying to get used to her in-laws’ customs, but makes it clear to Alak that she’s aware of his family’s criminal activities and she doesn’t like it one bit.

Defiance S2E2 Stahma

Through some pretty basic police work, Nolan tracks down the bomber and saves Stahma (and the town’s marketplace) from a car bomb. That’s enough to have the town welcome him back and forget about that time he killed a kid. Amanda shows Nolan her appreciation by sleeping with him – seems she’s really getting into being her sister – and creepy Pottinger watches on his spy cam. Irisa goes to make nice with Tommy, but finds him lip-locked with Berlin. Welp.

In an effort to prove himself his father’s son, Alak commits his first murder.

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