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Defiance – S2E3 – The Cord and the Ax

Previously on Defiance, ‘In My Secret Life’

Lots of big changes in this episode.

Christie is pregnant and it seems the arrival of baby is just the push Alak needed to try and remove himself from the family business for good. Unfortunately, Datak won’t hear it. Alak stands up to his father, finally, telling him he’s responsible for his own troubles. Datak finally realizes that Stahma has been working against his release from jail and running the family business in his absence.

Irzu makes Irisa black out and kill Rafe’s housekeeper. Nolan figures something is up, but can’t prove it. When Irisa commits suicide in the woods, Irzu sits with her until her self-inflicted gunshot wound heals. When Irisa awakens, Birdie is there with no memory of what happened to her. Nolan doesn’t buy the story that Irisa found her.

Amanda continues to spiral out of control, taking out her frustrations by beating the hell out of an unruly patron of The NeedWant. She and Nolan continue their affair which seems to be built on mutual misery than anything else.

But the big deal here is Datak getting out of prison as a condition of a deal Doc Ywell made with Pottinger. He comes strolling into his house, filthy from having presumably walked six miles back to Defiance, and joins his family for bath time. Stahma and Alak pretend to be happy to see him, but you see the tension between them. All seems to end well until Datak begins to drown Stahma in the bathtub, fighting off Alak’s attempts to stop him.

Defiance S2E3

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