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Defiance – S2E6 – This Woman’s Work

Previously on Defiance, ‘Put the Damage On’ 

Goodness. This episode had a lot that I didn’t see coming and I have no idea where it’s all going, but I’m along for the ride.

Viceroy Mercado is back and he and Pottinger convince Nolan to go out on a run to salvage some mysterious infinite energy for the Arcfall. Of course, it’s bullshit. There’s an alien race aboard that acts as an energy source. In the end, Pottinger is ass out and Churchill is dead. Then Mercado heads to a Castithan bar in full white face to pick up a Castithan woman, but ends up meeting Christie. She’s also dressed as a Castie after being coaxed into it by the slutty DJ.

Defiance S2E6

Irisa confides in Tommy about all the Irzu nonsense and he agrees to help her AND keep her secret. This doesn’t go over well with Berlin who, at the start of the episode, thought that she and Tommy were going to start over in Texas after Tommy quit his job. She breaks up with Tommy and then gets drunk in the NeedWant. Then she screws Nolan.

Defiance S2E6 Irisa

Stahma tries to rally some of the elder Castithan women into becoming more liberated, but they’re not here for that. Stahma pretends to accept defeat long enough to poison their tea. Then she blames the murders on the religious leader. Oh, Stahma. I love you.

Defiance S2E6 Stahma

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