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Defiance – S2E7 – If You Could See Her Through My Eyes

Previously on Defiance, ‘This Woman’s Work’

Sorry this recap is late. I was at the Beyonce concert in Seattle (I’ll never get sick of saying that). 

This was a pretty solid episode even though I’m not crazy about Christie’s storyline.

When the Tarr’s handmaiden, Jalisa, is murdered and her eyes removed, Datak and Rafe work together to hide the body. That was the best part of the episode. I love seeing these men, former foes, members of an uneasy alliance working together. Datak also works with Stahma to find the killer. It turns out that the murders are apart of Christie’s antics at the Casti club. She and Viceroy Mercado are playing dress up, making themselves look like Castithans at a club where humans go to do this and hook up.

What I don’t like about this is that Christie was encouraged to do this, to find herself, by the DJ skunk who wants to steal her husband. I know Christie is young and trusting, but this girl is so transparent it frustrates me that Christie can’t see through it. Of course, the DJ makes sure that Alak finds out and that sends him right into her bed. Oh, Christie.

Defiance DJ

The eyes of Castithans (and other aliens) are being turned into contact lenses for people who are into this kind of cosplay. Rynn is a victim when one of her eyes are removed before the dealer is caught.

Defiance Rynn

Nolan finally learns about what’s going on with Irisa and Irisa has a weird connection with a new Irathian named Cai. She kisses him and has a vision of a couple who look just like them taking control of a Voltan ship thousands of years ago. He left town, but he’ll definitely be back.

Defiance Nolan and Irisa



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