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Defiance – S2E8- Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Previously on Defiance, ‘If You Could See Her Through My Eyes’

This week, the return of Kenya was tied to a terrorist plot: release a VC spy, Gorath, in exchange for Kenya, or a massive bomb will go off in New York City. When attempts to locate Kenya before the deadline fails, Amanda takes it upon herself to release Gorath and make the swap. Gorath dies before she can free him so she and Nolan try to double-cross the kidnappers. The Tarrs are involved because they don’t want Gorath flapping his gums about their illicit activities, so Stahma instructs Datak to take care of it after some rough sex. Datak agrees and puts a bullet in Gorath before Amanda can take him away. Irisa is reunited with the people she has harmed while following Irzu’s orders and we learn they’re all seeing younger versions of themselves.

Defiance Kenya

Here are the top five moments from the episode. 

1. When Stahma is being questioned by Tommy and Berlin, she purposely lets it slip that she can smell Nolan on Berlin.


Defiance S2E8 Stahma and Tommy

2. When confronted about her involvement with Nolan, Berlin tells Tommy they’re not dating, ‘just having lots of sex.” The look on Tommy’s face was EVERYTHING.
3. Stahma putting her Sensoth bodyguard in his place after he hears her having sex with Datak. He’s all, “Uh, we risked our lives to side with you.” And she’s all, “And? You should treat each day you’re still breathing as a gift.” Welp.
4. Stahma and Datak’s animalistic sex all over his raggedy-ass trailer.


Defiance S2E8 Stahma and Datak

5. Kenya is reunited with Amanda… but where the hell has she been and what does this mean for Stahma?


Defiance S2E8 Kenya and Amanda

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