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Defiance – S2E9 – Painted From Memory

Previously on Defiance, ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’

So, let me get this straight: Pottinger had Doc Yewll “grow” Kenya using her DNA found all around the NeedWant. She’s really an Indogene, but Pottinger wanted to stage a “rescue” of her to woo Amanda? But some of the VC stormed the lab and took her before she was done. Quenten, Rafe’s son, is revealed to be the man in the goggles who was holding Kenya last week. He’s now VC and recognized Kenya as Amanda’s sister when they attacked the lab. Now that “Kenya” is back, it poses a problem for Stahma, Pottinger, and Doc Yewll as neither of them want their secrets to come out.


In the end, Doc Yewll is on the run (aided by Rafe and Datak) as she takes the fall for creating fake Kenya; Amanda holds a memorial, accepting that her sister is dead because Kenya runs off when she learns the truth about who she is and wants nothing to do with being Amanda’s sister.

This was the best episode of the season, for me, so far. Here’s what worked:

  • Stahma. As always. Stahma. Her reaction upon first seeing Kenya was amazing. She truly believed she’d killed her lover and was visibly shaken when they first made eye contact in the NeedWant. Later, she’s relieved to learn that Kenya has no memory of what happened to her. The small bit of comic relief in this episode comes when Datak and Stahma spend all day and night digging up Kenya’s grave. Stahma is both saddened and relieved when they find Kenya’s remains. She tries to tell Amanda that Kenya is an impostor and that her sister is dead (according to many sources), but Amanda won’t hear of it and threatens to kill Stahma if she repeats that. The fact that Stahma is both the woman who murdered Kenya, but also the woman who feels bad that Amanda will eventually be hurt, solidifies her as one of the most complex characters on TV right now.

Defiance S2E9 Stahma

  • Tommy and Nolan finally have that talk about Nolan banging Berlin. Tommy gets a punch, which Nolan admits he had coming. But Tommy also gets the last word when he points out that Nolan’s behavior is why Irisa avoids him.
  • Every scene between Amanda and Kenya. It was heartbreaking watching Kenya – once it was revealed who she really was – physically push Amanda away. Doc Yewll said Kenya only has about 3 months to live, but I’m hoping that it’s not the last we’ll see of her. Considering Yewll also name dropped a colleague in another city who may be able to help Kenya, I think it’s a safe bet that she’ll be back.

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