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Defiance – S3E3 – The Broken Bough

Previously on the two-hour season premiere of Defiance: part 1 and part 2.

The Tarrs

The Tarrs come barreling into Defiance in a roller and Stahma frantically asks for medical help for Datak. While Doc Yewll treats his wounds, Datak tells Amanda, Nolan, Irisa, and Berlin they were attacked and held by the VC. They barely managed to escape and have no idea if Alak and the baby are alive. He then breaks the news that the entire McCauley clan is dead.

Later, at home, the two bathe and bicker over whether Datak should have told their maid, Andina, that Alak was still alive. Stahma wants to complete their end of the deal with General Tahk and be done with it.

They manage to complete one task when Datak tries to steal weapons from the armory and is busted by Amanda – she forces him to pledge his allegiance to Defiance and he does, but he’s already sabotaged the weapons in the armory which was his true purpose.

Defiance S3E3 - Stahma

Stahma befriends the Omec, T’evgin, surprising him by speaking his language flawlessly. Any possible future dealings between these two are bound to be juicy.

Nolan and Irisa

Nolan’s playful teasing of Irisa’s starring role in a smutty novel is interrupted by the Tarr’s arrival. After hearing the news about Rafe and his children, Nolan and Irisa take off after the VC – unfortunately, Datak tips off Tahk that they’re coming. They find Pilar and the baby first, and despite her deception, Nolan figures out exactly who she is.

Defiance S3E3 - Nolan and Irisa

We see more of Irisa’s new reluctance to kill when she begs Nolan not to kill Pilar after she hits him (he wasn’t going to anyway, he said), and later when she has General Tahk dead to rights. Instead, they have to settle for blowing shit up and getting away with the baby, who they reluctantly return to the Tarrs. After being shot by Nolan, Pilar’s fate and whereabouts are unknown.

By episode’s end, the Tarrs get their next assignment from General Tahk: He wants them to blow up the arch.

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