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Defiance – S3E5 – History Rhymes

Previously on Defiance, ‘Dead Air’

While Amanda rushes Nolan to Doc Yewll, he and Irisa are in his memories of his youth. He was close to his big sister Rebecca, who practically raised him. She loved him so much, she enlisted to be close to him. And it was his poor decision to trust an alien attacker which led to Rebecca’s death.

You had one job, Stahma.

Datak is furious Stahma failed to kill T’evgin. He taunts her by speaking to the baby about her failure, telling Luke his grandmother loves purple-enchantor penis. He’ll kill the Omec himself, he coos. Stahma thinks they should get T’evgin on their side. Anyone who frightens Tahk makes a good ally. Datak reluctantly agrees to try it her way.

Defiance S3E5 - The Tarrs

Alak is put to work chopping heads off corpses, which… I guess. He does manage to swipe a knife from one of the bodies before the guard can see. He later kills the guard, takes his gun, and hides under a trunk. There, he overhears Tahk talking about the human he’s meeting with, who is betraying his own kind by selling Tahk a ton of weapons to use against Defiance.. Later, Tahk confronts Alak for being unattended. After a brief fight, Alak hops in a roller and escapes.

“Your grandma Stahma loves purple-enchanter penis so much… she’s forgotten all about your daddy Alak.” – Datak

Doc Yewll finds alien tech in Nolan’s head and sends Amanda to find Irisa in order to stabilize him. Once they’re together, Yewll figures out that they’re synched in such a way that one would die without the other. Nolan leaving town triggered brain damage for them both. Each piece of tech will need to be removed from their brains at the same time – and that requires help from the Omecs. Kindzi agrees on the condition it makes her square with the humans.

In another memory, Irisa witnesses Nolan and his squad celebrating the arch fall in a bar. They torture one of her kind before Nolan eventually kills him. Young Irisa watches emotionlessly. Adult Irisa doesn’t remember that happening at all. Nolan is embarrassed by his old behavior and says back then was a different time.

Yet another memory shows Nolan making Irisa kill her first person. She hid from him how much it bothered her. Finally, they witness Irisa attempting to stab Nolan while he slept, but when a noise awakened him, she hid the knife and crawled into bed with him. Adult Irisa admits she was afraid of him, she still is.

Their moment is interrupted when the surgery proves successful.

Defiance S3E5 - Yewll Operates

Stahma sleeps with T’evgin again, and tries to goad him into killing Tahk on her behalf. He’s hip to her game, and says he won’t risk his mission, his people for her or anyone else. When they leave the building, she kisses him, blocking Datak’s shot – he’s standing on a balcony nearby, his sniper rifle trained on T’evgin. Stahma has a change of plans and walks off with T’evgin, saving his life. Datak curses her.

Defiance S3E5 - Stahma and T'evgin

T’evgin isn’t happy to learn Kindzi gave Yewll access to their technology. She defends her decision by saying she managed to copy Yewll’s shifter technology. T’evgin orders her to destroy – they can’t afford to piss off the humans.

Nolan and Irisa discuss their memories and she says she needs to leave. He taught her to kill and she’s never been okay with it. If she stays when Tahk arrives, she’ll have to hurt people. They hug goodbye.

BUT… Yewll tells them they can’t be more than a mile apart or it will kill them both. Irisa is pissed.

Stahma learns Andina is a Tahk supporter, but before she can get more out of her, Alak arrives. Stahma is happy to see him… until he holds a knife to her throat and threatens to kill her for killing his wife.

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