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Defiance – S3E6 – Where the Apples Fell

Previously on Defiance, ‘History Rhymes’

Alak, You Not ‘Bout That Life

While Andina runs for help, Datak starts to kick Alak’s ass for threatening Stahma. When Datak prepares to stab his son, Stahma insists he stop. She wants the honor of putting her foot up his ass. She calls him ungrateful and tells him that Christie choose death to protect her baby. But Alak wouldn’t know nothing about that being a punkass and all. The baby begins to cry, causing Alak to run into the other room, calling his name. Now the Tarrs finally know their grandson’s name.

Defiance S3E6 - Stahma and Datak

He prepares to leave with his son, but his parents block his path just as Andina returns with Nolan. The Tarrs try to connive the law keeper everything is fine, but Alak spills all the tea, telling Nolan about his parents being spies and blowing up the arch. The Tarrs run for it.

The next morning, Nolan gathers a search party since he’s sure the Tarrs are still in town. Alak tells everyone about Tak buying guns from a human (who turns out to be Berlin’s ex-boyfriend, Conrad). This means they need to find the Tarrs to interrogate them for information. Nolan insists Alak stick with him in case his parents try to kill him. Cause that is certainly their style.

Like Beyonce and Jay Z

Dressed as commoners, the Tarrs devise a plan in the alley of the marketplace. Datak will head for a hidden weapons cache and Stahma will meet him at an arranged spot. Luke, he says, is better off staying with his father.

Meanwhile, Tak is riling up his people, promising death and destruction when they arrive in Defiance in a few days time. His pep rally is cut short when an Irathient woman arrives looking for him. She’s Tak’s wife, Volubela.

Defiance S3E6 - Tak

Nolan and Alak go to the Omec for help. T’evgin refuses, despite Nolan’s warning that Tak will come for him when he’s done with the humans. Alak smells Stahma’s scent and is appropriately grossed out to learn his mother slept with T’evgin. The elder Omec confirms Stahma’s story that she was forced to do Tak’s bidding to save her son, but he swears he has no idea where she is and still refuses to help.

Stahma is almost arrested and when the innocent “it was all my husband’s doing” doesn’t work, she stabs the officer and runs off.

Tak Went Rogue

Tak and Volubela engage in some pillow talk and he learns the VC will not back his play to take Defiance. They want him to stop and come home, or they will stop him. She pleads with him to listen, and they fall into the bed for round two. The fact that Tak is super distracted by the human heads he has mounted on spikes nearby tells me he’s not going to listen to reason.

Daddy Issues

Kindzi is pissed T’evgin slept with Stahma and didn’t tell her about it. He says Stahma was just entertainment, and she says she better be as the two fall into bed. I am both grossed out and confused as fuck.

Datak goes to Yewll for help and she drives him to the point where he’s supposed to meet Stahma who is waiting. But Nolan, Alak, and Berlin are nearby and about to spot Stahma, so Datak hops out of the car so they will chase him instead. Yewll signals to Stahma to run while her husband is pursued.

While Datak sits in a cell, Nolan and Alak press him for answers about Tak’s plans. Datak swears he knows nothing, so Nolan grabs Alak and threatens to kill him. Datak breaks down and begs for his son’s life, still insisting Tak told them nothing of his plans for invading Defiance. Nolan believes him, as does Alak, who was in on the plan all along. Datak cries and laughs in relief. He couldn’t even be mad at them.

Defiance S3E6 - Nolan

Alak arrives home to find Irisa has been watching Luke. He thanks her for caring for his son and rescuing him from Pilar. Later, Alak and Nolan bond over drinks at the NeedWant.

Tak cries over his wife’s dead body and begs for forgiveness. He then drags her body out before his people. He claims she was an assassin sent by the humans. This guy.

Score | 10/10Stahma Stay Beating Asses

Amanda finds Stahma in her apartment, demanding she drive her out of town. The two fight, and though Stahma is stabbed, she gets the drop on Amanda. Stahma tells her she hopes Amanda goes to her grave wondering why Stahma has twice chosen to spare Amanda’s life.

Nolan visits Datak in jail and asks about Rafe’s last moments. Datak confirms that Rafe went out like a P.I.M.P. Datak knows Amanda will hang him for treason and Nolan doesn’t disagree.

A bleeding Stahma arrives on T’evgin’s doorstep, begging for help before collapsing in his arms.

Kindzi is going to be pissed.

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