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Defiance – S3E9 – Ostinato in White

Previously on Defiance, ‘My Name is Datak Tarr and I Have Come to Kill You.’

Now that the threat of Tak has been eliminated, thanks to Datak’s “sacrifice,” the town of Defiance try to move ahead and heal. This would be a lot easier to do if there wasn’t a savage beast roaming the streets and murdering its citizens.


Nolan struggles the most with the death of the 27 townspeople last episode, and blames himself for what happened to them in the cave. The only other person who shares this sentiment is Zero’s father, Hinder, who doesn’t want to hear anything Nolan has to say at the memorial service for the fallen.

This doesn’t stop Nolan from heading to his house to return Zero’s rifle. He picked the wrong damn day as it’s Tuesday, the day Zero always made stew for his father. And Nolan damn sure didn’t bring any stew. He does allow him inside, and things seem to thaw just a bit between the two.


Stahma is disappointed to learn that when T’evgin reached out to Alak on her behalf, he told him to kick rocks. However, she’s shocked to learn Datak died sacrificing himself for the town and not on the rack. Not the end she ever imagined for someone like Datak, but T’evgin reveals it was most likely for her: she’s been pardoned and can return home.

As he escorts her there, she asks about Kindzi and reminds him that his daughter will betray him. He believes his daughter is under control and I can’t imagine how such a strong character can be so naive.

Stahma’s homecoming is pretty sad as only Andina is there to greet her, and someone has written TERRORIST on the front door. Later, Stahma inquires about Alak’s well-being and offers to go with her the next time she visits. Andina doesn’t think this is a good idea since Alak keeps a gun by the door with two bullets meant for Stahma – one from Rafe, one from Christie. Welp.

Defiance S3E9 - Stahma and Andina

What Fresh Hell?

After a beast kills an Indogene woman in an alley, Doc Yewll is charged with performing the autopsy on the body, or what’s left of it. Someone, the DNA matches her own.

When T’evgin approaches Nolan to inquire about Kindzi’s whereabouts, he follows him to the scene of the attack and is clearly affected by what he sees. Nolan notices, but T’evgin plays dumb.

The beast attacks again, this time in broad daylight. Nolan and Irisa try tracking it, but she suggests he might be better doing something else as he’s still affected by the events in the cave.

Yewll immediately suspects the Omec are behind the dead clone, and when she finds spore in its lungs (spores only found in Old St. Louis), she sets off to prove the Omec’s ain’t shit. She leaves Samir in charge of sounding the alarm if she’s not back in 24 hours.

Defiance S3E9 - Yewll

Nolan decides his something else should be a pity party of alcohol and regrets. Luckily, he finds Kindzi waiting in the police station and willing to take his pain away. Their hot and heavy is interrupted when the beast growls outside and Kindzi takes off after it, without a word to Nolan about what the hell is going on.

Yewll discovers where Kindzi has been growing her clones, and the Omec arrives to threaten Yewll into injecting herself with a stimulate that will make her docile and unable to disobey Kindzi’s commands. Thankfully, before the sick bitch can make Doc Yewll hack off her own hand, T’evgin appears. Kindzi instructs Yewll to return to town and keep her mouth shut.

Defiance S3E9 - Kindzi

Score | 7.5/10Tired of her shit, T’evgin incapacitates his daughter. About damn time! The next morning, when Nolan (and his hangover) and Amanda come looking for answers, he informs them all is fine and the killings will stop. That’s not good enough for Nolan who is fueled by last night’s liquor and his guilt. He picks a fight, and only gets knocked on his ass for his troubles. Amanda smartly hustles him out of there.

Since Kindzi ordered Yewll to “protect her interests at all costs,” when Samir presses Yewll about what she found in Old St. Louis, he gets a needle in the chest for his troubles.

The episode ends with Stahma applying the grieving marks to her body – with ink the shopkeeper refused to sell her until Amanda stepped in – and praying for Datak; T’evgin praying for Kindzi; and Nolan finding Hinder’s dead body. The grieving father hanged himself.

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