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Dexter – S7E1 – Are You…?

Dexter rushes through the Miami streets, stops for gas, but every credit card is declined. He rushes on to the airport and buys a ticket to Budapest…

…. Dexter’s in the abandoned church and he’s just killed Travis as Deb walks in. She pulls a gun on him and asks what the fuck is going on.

“Unfortunately, this is exactly what it looks like.”

He asks her to lower the gun and explains that he came to the church to do a forensics sweep, was confronted by Travis, and killed him. He said he’s been so messed up since Rita’s death. She asks about the plastic wrap and he says he must have done it without thinking since he’s a blood expert. Deb wants to call the police, but he stops her.

They both agree that it’s ‘pretty fucking weird.’ When she says again that she has to call it in, he gives her a really creepy death look. I think it was, “Bitch, don’t make me kill you.” She says he can get psychiatric help. He says he’ll lose his son.

He wants to dump the body. She worries that he’ll get caught with the body. (Note: Her issue isn’t really dumping the body, but just dumping the body in a way that might get Dexter busted.) They discuss making it look like a suicide and burning down the church. For some reason, he allows her to leave to get the gasoline. While she’s gone, he remembers being a kid and coming home with Harry to find that the Mom bought Deb a puppy. His inner serial killer was staring at the dog like it was carving practice and Harry demanded that the dog go despite how much Debra loved it.

While he removes the plastic from the body, the glass side of blood falls on the floor and he doesn’t realize it.

Deb returns and they burn the body.


Later the next day, they’re called back to the crime scene. Debra is all nervous nelly. Everyone is buying the idea that Travis killed himself with his sword and set himself on fire. When Dex notices a piece of plastic on Travis’ foot, he gets Deb to distract everyone while he gets rid of it. LaGuerta shows up and instructs everyone to go outside and speak to the press. When she’s alone she notices the glass side of blood. She has a tech log it into evidence.



When Dexter gets home, he finds the creepy lab tech (Louis) who is dating his nanny (Batista’s sister) in his apartment. Dexter bitches him out for using his computer. When his nanny comes out from putting Harrison to bed and they leave, Dexter realizes he can’t find the glass slide.

At his apartment, Louis tries to get the nanny to admit that Dexter is a dick, but she won’t. While she’s getting ready for bed, Louis cancels Dexter’s credit cards.

Later that night, Mike calls Deb and wonders where Travis’s car was. He says he’ll look into it in the morning. He stops to help a guy stranded on the side of the road. The guy has a flat, but says he can change it himself. Mike insists and finds a woman’s body in the trunk. Before he can react, the man shoots him twice. He wipes down his car and then drives off in Mike’s car, leaving his body on the side of the road.

The next morning, Deb questions Dexter. She obviously doesn’t believe him. She gets the call about Mike and leaves. Dexter says he’ll be right behind her. He grabs his getaway bag with money, passports, cell phones, etc. from the wall in his apartment. He realizes that if Deb doesn’t let up, he may have to run.

They investigate the crime scene of Mike’s death. Even though the killer wiped down the car, Dexter knows that people tend to forget to wipe down the turn signal. He secretly gets a print from there. Later, he gets a hint on Interpol’s database. Deb remembers being on the table when The Ice Truck Killer had her in season one. It is similar to what Dexter did to Travis, of course. She looks up the crime scene photos from that night and confronts Dexter on the fact that he duplicated it so perfectly. He doesn’t tell her the truth, but secretly prays that she’ll leave it alone.

Dexter rushes to the killer’s apartment. He knows he shouldn’t be doing a kill now, but it’s the only way he can maintain control. He finds blood and gun powder residue on the guy’s clothes. The killer, Victor, has booked a flight out of the country that leaves in less than two hours. Now we cut back to how the show opens with Dexter buying a plane ticket to Budapest. He sees Victor waiting to board his flight. Meanwhile, Batista and Quinn visit the strip club where the dead girl worked, but come up empty.

Dexter grabs Victor in the men’s room and uses a wheelchair to take him to the unclaimed baggage area.


Batista and Quinn tell Debra they hit a dead end at the strip club and then head out for a drink in Mike’s honor. Deb takes a rain check and then questions Masuka as to Dexter’s whereabouts. He says that Dexter went home, but will be coming in early since Masuka is working late.

Dexter has Victor tied up to a table in the unclaimed baggage area. Victor is all, “Who are you? I have friends in high places!” Dexter kills him because he’s like fuck your friends.

The strip club owner (Jason Gedrick! Remember him?) calls someone in Kiev and tells him that Victor will be home later that night. He tells the man that he’ll make the problem of the dead police officer go away.

Dexter disposes of Victor’s body.

In a flashback, Dexter wants to tell Debra that their father got rid of her dog because the Dad was scared he’d kill it. The Dad stops him and tells Dexter that he can never tell Debra the truth about himself because she only loves who she thinks he is, not who he really is.

Debra is going over the crime scene photos from when The Ice Truck Killer had her. She remembers Dexter being there and what Brian said to him, “You can’t be a killer and a hero.”

LaGuerta asks Masuka about their processes and if they ever take blood slides at a crime scene. He tells her no. The only one to take blood slides was Doakes when he was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Without Masuka noticing, LaGuerta swipes the slide from the church.

When Dexter comes home from disposing of Victor’s body, he finds Debra has trashed his apartment, found his kill tools and his blood slides. She asks him, “Did you kill all of these people?”

He says yes.

“Are you… are you a serial killer?”



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5 Comments on Dexter – S7E1 – Are You…?

  1. Dexter was AWESOME! Thanks for the recap. It cleared up a couple of things I wasn’t clear about.

  2. Loooooved this episode. The tension is just destroying me, and all the connections to previous seasons are amazing. How is Deb going to handle all this???? God, I hope Dexter doesn’t kill her. :,( I did feel for Mike; what an abrupt way to get killed off, especially by this show’s standards.

    • @Julie, I thought the same thing about Mike. I bet if they didn’t need his death to set up this Russian mob story they’re obviously about to start, his ass might have been transferred without any on camera time.

      I was just asking a friend if she thought Dexter had it in him to kill Debra. I don’t think he does. She wondered if (if this is the final season, which I don’t believe it is) Deb could kill Dexter.

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