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Dexter – S7E10 – The Dark… Whatever

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Another arson murder. They’re calling the killer, “The Phantom.”  This time he killed a mother and child. Dexter is suspicious of the fire investigator because he’s a little too comfortable looking at the burnt corpse of a child. Later, at Hannah’s, Dexter reveals that he calls his need to kill ‘His Dark Passenger.’ She tells Dexter that he has a choice whether he kills or not and putting it on some other version of himself doesn’t change that. Then her crazy daddy shows up.

I know. I know. All outta nowhere.

He apologizes for being a shitty father. He then surprises her with a refurbished dollhouse she loved as a kid. After he leaves, she tells Dexter the gift brings back too many awful memories and then shares stories about how shitty her father actually was.


The fire investigator gives a briefing on the profile of the killer they’re looking for. Dexter thinks that the description sums up the investigator perfectly. Later, Masuka and Batista congratulate Dexter on dating Hannah. Deb side-eyes the entire fucking conversation. In Deb’s office, she tells him that she will stay out of his love life with Hannah, but she’s not going to back off trying to put Hannah away.

Dexter looks into the fire investigator’s (Bosso’s) records. He solved a lot of arson cases and Dexter wonders if he’s so good at his job because he knows exactly where to look. When Bosso leaves the station, Dexter follows. He follows him to a park where Bosso is about to take part in a Civil War re-enactment. He talks about spending the prior weekend doing it and Dexter realizes he can’t be The Phantom.


Not a killer. Just really fucking weird.

Dexter meets Hannah and her dad for dinner. He tells them he has a new business idea – he’ll ship crawdads to people. Hannah asks her dad to leave the motel and stay with her. He agrees.

Are you bored? I am.

A man gets on a city bus and puts on a flame resistant suit then starts spraying a liquid in people’s faces. As people run off the bus, he starts a fire and people burn.

Dexter is having breakfast with Hannah and her dad. The dad asks Hannah for $20,000 to start his crawdad business. She says she doesn’t have it and her dad pretty much loses his shit and storms out. Dexter tells her she did the right thing, but she isn’t sure and then jumps down Dexter’s throat in defense her dad. Dexter leaves when he gets a text about the bus fire.


At the crime scene, “It’s Bobby” has been written in the ash. Deb asks Dexter if he thinks Bosso is The Phantom. He says he already checked him out and he isn’t. Deb isn’t happy that Dexter put himself in the position to possibly murder someone else. He gets a text from Hannah and rushes off.

Her father crashed his car into her nursery. He says awful things to her and Dexter grips him by the throat and tells him to leave. Hannah crumples to the ground in tears.

LaGuerta and Tom meet at a restaurant to talk about The Bay Harbor Butcher. She suspects Dexter. Tom tells her that’s a waste of time. He says the real BHB must have framed Doakes and killed him so they should look at Doakes’ final days. She agrees they should start with the cabin in the glades where he died.

Dexter meets with Hannah. She tells him she thinks he scared away her father, hopefully for good because the look in his eyes was the same the night he tried to kill her.

Masuka shows the team video of the bus fire taken from the surveillance camera on the bus. The Phantom touched a railing with his bare hand. Deb instructs them to try and get a print. Quinn gets a call from Nadia. George is sending her to a sex club in another country. Batista and Quinn rush to the club. While Batista waits up front, Quinn heads to the back. George hits Nadia and Quinn shots him. Before Batista gets there, Quinn makes Nadia shoot him in the arm using George’s hand. He convinces Batista to let Nadia run with the money from George’s safe.

Dexter and Deb are disappointed when there’s no match on The Phantom’s print, but later Dexter breaks into secured juvie files and gets the man’s name. He has a conversation with Harry, who tells him that The Dark Passenger may not exist, like Hannah said. His way of pinning the blame on someone else for the things he’s done.

LaGuerta and Tom go to the property where the cabin was. The owner says that he wasn’t renting the cabin to Doakes, but to Jimenez. Later, Tom tells LaGuerta that Jimenez was one of three drug dealers who killed Dexter’s mother. He also tells her that The Ice Truck Killer was Dexter’s brother. LaGuerta is convinced that Dexter is the BHB. She wants to question him, but Tom says he’ll do it.


Hannah’s dad shows up at Dexter’s apartment and reveals he was the one feeding Price info on Hannah for his books. He has a witness who will testify that Hannah poisoned a camp counselor unless Dexter gets him the money. Dexter kicks him out. Her dad says that he should ask Hannah about Arlene before turning him down.

At the club, Quinn sticks to his story with Deb. Batista tells him there’s a problem with his story because there was a big gap in time between the two shots. Quinn still sticks to his story even though it pisses Batista off.

People are always lying to Batista!

Dexter asks Hannah about Arlene. She confirms that Arlene saw her poison the counselor. She has to pay him. Dexter hints that she has found ways of getting rid of other people who have threatened her, but she says she can’t do that to her father. She goes to call her bank. Harry tells Dexter he can’t kill Hannah’s father. He says he wasn’t thinking of that since he doesn’t fit the code. But The Phantom does.

The Phantom comes home to his crappy house and Dexter jumps him. He wakes up on the death table. He confesses that Bobby was a friend who set fires and he ended up taking the blame for it. Dexter tells him that he has to take responsibility for what he has done. Dexter realizes that he’s talking about himself!

Deb, Batista, and other cops show up at the house because of an anonymous tip. They find The Phantom passed out from fumes. Deb knows Dexter is responsible.

Dexter meets with Hannah’s dad and you guessed it: He dopes him up and takes him for a boat ride. Before killing him, he confesses that he’s doing this because he wants to protect Hannah. Deb calls him later and thanks him for catching The Phantom, but that doesn’t mean she’s backing off Hannah. At Hannah’s, Dexter tells her that she won’t have to worry about her dad anymore. She understands this means Dexter killed him. She thanks him and they declare their love for one another. At the station, Deb tells Batista she got a tip from Hannah McKay’s dad about Arlene, and she needs Batista’s help in finding her.

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