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Dexter – S7E2 – Sunshine & Frosty Swirl

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Now that Deb knows, she takes off running out of the apartment… leaving her gun behind so obviously she doesn’t think he’d hurt her, and Dexter follows her. She vomits on the lawn. She asks how long he’s been doing this. Since he was 20. He tells her that he only kills certain kinds of people and that their dad taught him to follow a code. They go back inside and Dexter tells Deb how he was found in his mother’s blood and that’s when it was born in him, this need to kill. Deb says that a lot of things happen to people, and they don’t become serial killers. When he explains about the code. She calls the people he killed ‘victims.’ He tells her that he has killed murders and child molesters. Deb says there’s a system in place to deal with those people. Sometimes, Dexter says, the system doesn’t work.

Deb realizes she’s a horrible detective because she never suspected. Deb, this isn’t about you! Well, okay, since you’re accomplice now, I guess it kinda is.

When he asks what she’s going to do, she slaps him and leaves. Harry appears and says that Deb hasn’t arrested Dexter… yet. Dexter realizes the hand doesn’t belong there and that someone else may be on to him.



At work the next day, Deb reads up on Lundy’s notes on serial killers. Meanwhile, Dexter checks the evidence room for the hand. Since it’s missing, he realizes the one in his apartment is legitimate. Masuka walks in and admits that his old assistant stole it and sold it online. The trail leads back to Louis and Dexter wonders if Louis knows what he is.

There’s a briefing on Mike’s murder (dead end) and a man in jail (Wayne Randall) who wants to lead the cops to three more bodies he has dumped. Dexter volunteers to go to the dump site with a detective, but Deb says no and puts Masuka on it instead. Outside, Deb admits that she was ready to arrest Dexter that morning. She compares what he is to being an addict. She suggests that he go to ‘rehab.’ Rehab being moving in with her so that she can watch him and help him stop. She wonders what would have happened if their dad had taught him to stop and not channel it. She tells him he doesn’t have a choice, so he agrees.

LaGuerta talks to another lab on the phone and gets confirmation that the blood on the slide found in the church belonged to Travis. She asks that the results be sent to her personally, then calls the FBI.

At the strip club where the murdered girl worked, Batista and Quinn threaten to shut the place down every night until they get the identity of the shooter. While Batista talks with the owner in his office, a stripper tells Quinn that the dead girl was dating one of the bouncers. At the same time, Batista returns and says that he learned the same bouncer hasn’t returned to work since the shooting.

Deb settles Dexter into her apartment, giving him her bedroom while she sleeps on the couch to block the front door. She explains that they will be joined at the fucking hip forever. When he’s alone, Dexter talks with Harry who tells him that Deb’s plan isn’t going to work. If it were as easy as staying with him 24/7, he’d have done that.

Over dinner, Deb questions Dexter on what it’s like to have the urge to kill. He goes into this creepy-ass explanation about blood trickling down his eyelids and filling up all his empty spaces. So, um, yeah. Way to make her reconsider throwing your ass in jail, Dex. Deb is all, “You are one sick fuck, bro.”

Dexter tries to do some internet stalking of Louis, but Deb comes in to “sit with him.” She’s serial killing-cockblocking!

Quinn interrogates the bouncer, but his alibi is confirmed by video camera – he was working all night. He tells them that she was messing with someone else and left with him the night she died: Victor. Masuka begs Dexter to go out in the field for him, and Deb agrees, but says she’ll drive. Before they can leave, Batista and Quinn come in with the news on Victor. Deb has to let Dexter go alone.

At the crime scene, Dexter talks to the Wayne Randall about leading the cops to the bodies. He says he always had a conscience, he finally just surrendered to it and that’s why he is helping. When they break for lunch, Dexter heads over to Louis’ apartment and finds a list of his credit card numbers. He finds some videos on Louis’ computer. On one, Louis mentions a revenge plan against Dexter – For what? We don’t know. Before Dexter can get more info, Louis comes home. Dexter considers sneaking out, but knows that with Deb breathing down his neck, he won’t have this chance again. He grips up Louis, threatening to break his neck. Louis admits that he was fucking with Dexter because Dexter wouldn’t help him with his game.

A game? This is about a game?! At this point Dexter is probably thinking, “I could have plunged a knife in your heart and this is about a GAME?” Dexter tells him to disappear, and Louis agrees. When Dexter is late getting back to the crime scene, Deb is about to birth kittens. He says it won’t happen again.

At the strip club, George (Jason Gedrick) gets rid of Quinn and Batista, but then has to answer to the man he called in Kiev, who says that Victor never made his flight. He says he knows Victor is a pain in the ass, and he wouldn’t be surprised if someone in The Brotherhood took it upon himself to take care of Victor. George swears it wasn’t him, and the man from Kiev believes him.

The stripper calls Quinn and wants to see him. LaGuerta opens the box of evidence from The Bay Harbor Butcher case and compares a slide to the one found at the church – it’s a match.

Dexter and Deb arrive home to see Harrison and Louis’ ass just strolls in the kitchen and grabs a drink for the road. Dexter realizes that Louis isn’t scared of him and he won’t stop until Dexter stops him.

It’s on!

Quinn gives the stripper a ride home. He hopes that maybe she wanted to be alone with him to give him more info on the murders… or to fuck. Either or. Really, she tries to swindle him into paying for her car repairs, but I wouldn’t rule out fucking later.

At dinner, Dexter spikes Deb’s steak so she will pass out. While she’s sleeping, he goes to Louis’ and drugs him. When he sees the drop of blood on Louis’ neck, The Dark Passenger takes the wheel. He has Louis in his trunk when he remembers his promise to Deb. He calls her and she drowsily drives to where he is. He tells her that he wanted to kill, but didn’t. She thinks this rehab business may work. He tells her to go home, that he’ll be fine, he won’t do anything. When she leaves, he dumps Louis’ unconscious body on a bench by the beach. He knows he still has to get rid of Louis, but not by killing him.

The man from Kiev turns out to be Isaac and he owns the chain of strip clubs so George isn’t the owner, just he manager. Isaac and a goon show up at the bouncer’s garage. He bluffs the bouncer into admitting that he spoke to the cops and then kills him with a screwdriver to the eye.


Back at the body dump, Deb is encouraged when Dexter says he’s not thinking about the night before, but wanting an ice cream. Deb goes to buy one. Wayne Randall tells Dexter about a woman he really cared about and how he never got to tell her how he felt. Then he jumps in front of a truck. Dexter realizes that Randall tried to be something other than what he was, and couldn’t. And he couldn’t handle jail so death was the only option.

Can the same be said for him?

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  1. I know it’s too early to call, but I am starting to get really, really excited about this season! I hope this is the season “Dexter” goes back to full form.

    I thought Deb’s reaction was really consistent with her character, and she showed a lot of guts (literally and figuratively). I really felt for Wayne Randall, which of course makes the list of serial killers I feel sorry for uncomfortably long.

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