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Dexter – S7E3 – Buck the System

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Dexter is stressing out because Debra is breathing down his neck. Homeboy can’t even go to the post office without her watching him. He can’t shake Deb, but he has a plan in place to get rid of Louis. He has a fantasy of slitting the post office worker’s neck. Masuka notices that Deb is staring at Dexter during the morning briefing. He has a fantasy in which he stabs Masuka in the neck with a pen. While trying to get a DNA sample from a suspect in the interrogation room, Dexter has fantasy that he chokes the shit out of the guy. Oh, wait. THAT wasn’t a fantasy. Deb rushes in. Outside he tells her that she needs to back the fuck off or something bad will happen. He insists that Harry’s way was the only way and Deb says there has to be another way. She plays the Harrison card. She promises to give him some space.

Inside, Dexter pulls the file of man released on parole who was suspected of killing two women. Dexter later watches the guy, Speltzer, at the gym. Deb calls to check on him and it turns out she’s right outside the gym so she knows he’s telling the truth about where he is.

The stripper shows up at Quinn’s desk. She tells him that the dead girl was wearing a bracelet the night she died and she’d want to be buried in it. He tells her there was no bracelet logged into evidence and then he asks her out on a date. This guy is so classy.

Back at the strip club, she reports in to George. He worries that the GPS chip in the bracelet will be found and reveal their heroin business. Isaac sits with the stripper and tales a creepy tale of pushing his music teacher down a flight of stairs. He then tells her to get close to Quinn and find out what he knows about Victor, the guy who killed the first stripper and who Dexter later killed at the airport. Isaac tells George that Victor probably took the bracelet off the dead body so the cops wouldn’t find it, but since the signal is dead they can’t find Victor. He reasons that they can figure out a way to get the signal working again.

A package arrives at the police station. It’s the hand from The Ice Truck Killer case with a note from a ‘buyer’ saying that he wants his money back because the hand wasn’t in mint condition. The note is addressed to Louis. Masuka goes off on him and fires him. Score one for Dexter.

Wayne Randall’s mom arrives with a box of stuff that belonged to Wayne and the woman he went on a crime spree with. Dexter and Batista go through the box and realize that some items are trophies from the victims. Quinn announces that they found the body of the bodyguard.

Louis arrives home to find his girlfriend watching a video of him with a hooker. It was mailed to her anonymously. Louis blames Dexter which just makes him seem crazy and sleazy. Score two for Dexter.

Debra follows Dexter to a bar. He calls her and tells her to come inside; he ordered her a beer. He knew she was following him. He tells her that Speltzer is about to kill again and reveals that he’s been following Speltzer, who is in the bar. She explodes. She doesn’t see the value in his ‘process.’ She refuses to go along with his plan to ‘vet’ Speltzer for guilt and then kill him. Dexter thinks to himself that he if finds the proof that Speltzer is killing again, she will let him kill.

Dexter follows Speltzer at work – he’s a grounds keeper at a cemetery – and notices he spends a lot of time in a certain mausoleum. Before he can investigate further, Deb calls him into work. Serial killer cockblocker strikes again.



An IT guy tracks the bracelet (Victor) to the marina and then out to sea. Isaac realizes Victor is dead and was dumped. He wants the trace narrowed down to the specific slip.

At the station, Dexter tells Deb he was following Speltzer. He tries to convince her that he can find the evidence and she says that if he does, she will handle it. She instructs Dexter to go with Batista to see Wayne’s killing partner to get her DNA. He knows it’s just to keep him away from Speltzer.

Batista and Dexter hit the strip club where Batista confronts George about having the bodyguard killed. While they talk in George’s office, Dexter has a conversation with Isaac. It’s pretty friendly and ironic since Isaac is looking for Dexter and doesn’t even know it. They later arrive at Hannah McKay’s apartment. Batista tells Dexter that she wasn’t involved in the killings, just fell for the wrong guy. Hannah wants to put what happened with Wayne Randall behind her, but agrees to talk while she works in her nursery. She maintains that she knows nothing about the people he claimed to killed while they were together. She doesn’t want to look at the photos of the mementos. Dexter has a court order so she has to give a sample. She’s flirtatious with Dexter and makes him nervous. Batista waits in the car while he gets the sample.


Debra goes to LaGuerta for help in trailing Speltzer. LaGuerta is reluctant to do anything since Deb has no real evidence that Speltzer is up to no good. She tells Deb to put a patrol car on him, but she doesn’t want to see it on the budget.

Isaac and crew show up at Dexter’s boat where they find Louis trying to sabotage it. At first, Louis claims to be Dexter until he realizes they’re going to kill him for killing Victor. He gives up Dexter’s name and occupation and then gets a bullet in his head for his troubles.

Dexter breaks into the cemetery and the cops watching Speltzer call Debra to request taking a call since Speltzer seems to have turned in for the night. She tells them to go. The stripper (what the hell is her name?) makes dinner for Quinn at her place and confesses that her bosses want her to get close to him to find out what they know about Victor. She is scared. He tells her that he’ll protect her.

The waitress from the bar Speltzer was at shows up at his house for a little fun time. Meanwhile, Dexter finds a shrine to Speltzer’s victims in the mausoleum. He takes a pic of it to send to Debra, but there’s no cell service in the mausoleum. At the same time, she leaves a message for him that she is going to drive by Speltzer’s place since Dexter has her all paranoid about him. The waitress is nervous because Speltzer’s apartment is super bare and there’s plastic coverings on the sofa. It’s basically a kill zone. He attacks her. Deb notices some flashing lights coming from his house and goes to peek in the windows. Dexter finally gets her message and rushes to Speltzer’s house.

Meanwhile, the waitress is running around the fucked up house while strobe lights flash and Speltzer hunts her dressed like a  fucking minotaur. Deb breaks in. He attacks her and gets the gun away. Before he can hurt her, Dexter knocks him out with a piece of wood. They go to check on the girl and Speltzer gets away.

The house is a foreclosure that he broke into to set up his creepy maze. Debra feels like shit when they wheel out the dead body of the waitress.

Score three for Dexter!

The next morning, Deb tells Dexter that she understands now what he does. She doesn’t understand Dexter’s trophies or the fact that he likes to kill. She tells him that he should move back to his apartment. He says that he’s still her brother; nothing has changed.

Everything has changed, she says.


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