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Dexter – S7E4 – Run

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Dexter and Masuka process the mausoleum.

Dexter wonders if he and Debra will ever be like they were. Meanwhile, Debra takes a bath and falls asleep. She dreams she awakens in a tub of blood and Dexter appears making romantic, then creepy, overtures.

They just need to bone and get it over with.

Wait. What? Did I say that out loud?

She’d be Harrison’s AuntyMommy.

At work, Debra wants to know if Trinity really killed Rita. Dexter tells her yes. He admits that he was hunting Trinity. He tells her that he killed Trinity. She wants to know if he loved Rita and how he can be capable of love. He tells her that he loves her and she never questioned that before walking into the church. Deb gets a call that Speltzer was caught.

Batista and Deb have to get a confession out of Speltzer or they’ll lose him.

At the strip club, Isaac pieces together that both Dexter and Loius work for the police and speculates that they covered up Victor’s death, which was revenge for killing the cop. When George blames Victor for the mess, Isaac goes off saying that Victor was loyal and was there to do what George couldn’t – stop the Columbians from moving in on their territory. When the cops bust the strip club – again – Isaac realizes that the police must not know that Victor is dead or else they wouldn’t still be fucking with them. Isaac suspects that Dexter has the answer. He suggests offering up their bartender as the guy who killed Mike.

Batista questions Speltzer and tries to get him to think he’s on his side, and that maybe they should make a fool of Debra together. Debra goads him about having a mother who was a prostitute and when Speltzer makes a comment that he should have killed Deb when he had the chance, they realize they got him. Deb refuses to go out to have a drink with Dexter. She doesn’t feel like celebrating. She confronts Dexter about Rita’s death, saying it was his fault. She questions whether he’s fit to raise Harrison. Dexter says he will not give up his son.

Isaac and George show up at Alex’s (the bartender’s) house. They talk him into killing himself and taking the blame for Mike’s murder, threatening his family.

Hannah shows up at the police station to talk to Dexter. She asks about Wayne’s last words before he jumped in front of the truck. There’s some bonding talk that I completely didn’t pay attention to.


Video footage of Speltzer’s arrest reveals that he didn’t say he understood his rights. Speltzer walks. Deb storms out. Quinn gets a text that the bartender from the strip club (The Foxhole) killed himself. As they arrive on the scene, Isaac watches. As they process the scene, Batista is skeptical. Quinn is ready to wrap it up. Alex killed the stripper and the bouncer she was dating out of jealousy and Mike was just wrong place, wrong time.

Jamie is gathering up some of Harrison’s old toys to donate and throw away. Dexter realizes his blood slides, are his own toys and some are harder to give up than others. He watches Speltzer at work the next day. He breaks into his trailer, but Speltzer catches him. They fight and he knocks Dexter out. Dexter wakes up in a warehouse of some sort. He finds a note: RUN.

I don’t run. I make people run.

Sexy motherfucker.

Minotaur Speltzer shows up and Dexter… runs. The warehouse is filled with mannequins and other creepy shit. They fight again, but Dexter gets away. Now that Speltzer knows his face, Dexter realizes he’ll have to be more careful next time.

Dexter prepares to send Harrison away to Orlando for a few weeks to stay with his siblings. He promises that he’ll get him back after this shit with Speltzer is done.

Isaac breaks into Victor’s apartment, which is sealed off as a crime scene. He finds a picture of them hidden in a frame. They were lovers? Isaac promises to avenge his death.

Deb is at the funeral of the waitress Speltzer killed and spots him watching from across the street. She cusses him out, but Batista pulls her away. Later, Dexter shows up at her place and asks what happened. She blows up at him saying how she felt doesn’t mean it’s okay to do what he does. He tells her that he is still the same person, but she says she doesn’t think she can feel the same way about him.

Batista still questions Alex’s suicide. He thinks it’s too neat. Quinn still buys it. Batista wants to drop by the club again, one last time, but Quinn says tomorrow night. He has plans with Nadia.

Dexter stalks Speltzer at the cemetery. He knocks him out. Speltzer wakes up on one of Dexter’s kill tables. Dexter tells him he was supposed to be a way for him and Deb to come to an understanding, but they’re now further apart. Dexter kills him and then burns the bodies along with his blood slide collection.

Deb picks him up and he shows her the smoke coming from the pipes of the building. “That’s Speltzer.”

“Did you do this for me?”


Debra admits that she’s glad. “What does that make me?”


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