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Dexter – S7E5 – Swim Deep

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Dexter cleans his boat and talks to Harry about Deb’s latest reaction. He finds blood on his boat and realizes someone cleaned up a crime.

Masuka freaks out when he finds out that LaGuerta used an outside lab and mentions it to Deb.

She talks to LaGuerta who confides to Deb that she found a blood slide with Travis’ blood in the church. Deb offers to help her investigate it, to clear Doakes’ name. She gives Deb a file for her eyes only.

Debra has a cuss-fest breakdown of epic proportions.

Dexter runs a test and finds out it is Louis’ blood on his boat. Before he can think too much about why Louis was on his boat and why he would die there, Deb tells him about what LaGuerta has been up to. LaGuerta has a list of missing people who fit the Bay Harbor Butcher’s profile of victims and Deb has to question all of their family and friends. Dexter confesses that three of the people on the list are his kills.

Dexter arrives home and realizes someone is in his apartment. He leaves and calls his answering machine, leaving a message in a disguised voice that they’re to meet at a restaurant shortly. He watches as Isaac leaves his apartment. Dexter wonders if the Russians know that he killed Victor. He calls Isaac while he sits at the restaurant and confronts him about being in his apartment. Isaac vows to kill everyone involved including Deb. Dexter says it was all on him. They agree the game is afoot!

Dexter meets with Deb and tells her everything. She is pissed he hid everything about what happened to Victor and Mike’s case. He tells her she needs to lay low in a hotel. Deb makes him promise he’ll never take a case from the department again. Later, Dexter watches Isaac leave the club like a boss. No, really, he realizes that Isaac is a Russian mob boss. Batista calls and says Hannah has agreed to come in and help them find the bodies of Wayne’s other victims. Dexter doesn’t want to stop following Isaac, but he has no choice.

Hannah admits that Wayne killed couples staying in hotels so they could steal their rooms and hide. She confirms what they already knew about the body found by the ice cream shop. After Batista leaves the room to set up the next dig, Dexter realizes that Hannah isn’t handling one of the trophies because she’s remembering being scared, but because she is being nostalgic. He doesn’t trust her.

Deb and Dexter stay in a seedy motel room. Dexter tells her he has a plan that doesn’t involve killing anyone. They turn in for the night, but not before reminiscing about a trip they took when they were kids. Dexter is all shirtless and sexy.

The next day, at the dig site, Batista asks Dexter if he thinks the bartender who killed himself was legit. Dexter says the evidence pointed in that direction. Hannah later talks to Dexter about his first crime scene. She tries to get her flirt on.

LaGuerta shows up when Debra is about to question a family member of one of the victims LaGuerta suspects being killed by The Bay Harbor Butcher. While looking through photos of a wedding where the man disappeared, Deb sees Dexter in the photos. She suggests they take the photos back to the precinct before LaGuerta sees it.

At the dig site, Dexter reveals the two bodies found and realizes that Hannah killed one while Wayne killed the other. He confronts her on it privately, and learns that she has immunity. She can’t be touched. When he goes to leave, Dexter notices that Isaac is following him. He leads him to a rival Columbian heroin spot (a bar) and casually mentions who Isaac is before dipping out the bathroom window. As Dexter heads for his car, Isaac enters and Dexter hears gunshots.

Deb hides the pics of Dexter at the wedding just as Batista enters and starts to tell her about his concerns about the bartender’s suicide. Before he can finish, he gets the call about the shooting at the Columbian bar. When they arrive, Dexter is surprised and dismayed to learn that Isaac didn’t die and instead killed everyone in the bar. Dexter walks his colleagues through the crime scene. Quinn gets a call and says he has to run an errand.

Quinn goes to the strip club to see his girlfriend. As Isaac is having his wounds sewn up, George tells him that Quinn used to be on their payroll. Leave a bag of cash in his car, and he’d look the other way. When Quinn goes to leave, he finds a bag of cash in his car. Quinn is such a fuck-up.

Dexter runs the blood test on the evidence found in the bar and it matches Isaac. He’s brought in. Later, Batista goes to Debra with his thoughts on the bartender. Debra tells him to back off. He’s surprised and a bit pissed.

Dexter visits Isaac in jail. He admits to Dexter that he liked Victor and Dexter must die for vengeance. Then Isaac tells another fucking story with the moral of it all being “I’m a bad motherfucker and this will not be over until I kill you.”

Debra shows up at Dexter’s apartment and gives him the picture. She tells him she can’t be apart of the cover up anymore after lying to Batista. She asks about the report on the bodies they dug up and he tells her there is nothing she needs to know. Then he burns the picture.

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