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Dexter – S7E6 – Do The Wrong Thing

Previously on Dexter

And now…

Dexter watches Hannah McKay while she works. He knows she killed a woman when with Wayne, but he also suspects she killed her husband. Harry appears and tells Dexter that he has bigger issues to worry about. Dexter says those bigger issues are why he needs to kill. He realizes that he’ll need a peace offering if he’s going to get her to talk to him and slip up about her dead husband. You know, seeing as how the last time they spoke he accused her of murder.

Dexter is late to a briefing and Deb eyes him suspiciously.

Dexter tells Harry he’s going to fix the reports to remove suspicion from Hannah, gaining her trust. Harry points out that he promised Deb he wouldn’t mess with any more police cases. Dexter reasons that Hannah has immunity so telling Deb would just upset her anyway.

In prison, a member of the Colombian cartel tries to threaten Isaac, but he breaks his hand and reminds him that the Russian group outnumbers them. He then pulls out a cell phone like he’s waiting for a damn bus, and calls George. Isaac wants him to visit the prison. Talk about prison perks.

Dexter visits Hannah and apologizes. He tries to get her to talk about her dead husband, but she changes the subject. She reveals that she’s been running the plant nursery for a year since the original owner died and left it to her. She gives Dexter a gift of a plant. At the lab, Dexter looks up information on the nursery owner’s death. He’s convinced Hannah killed her too.

Dexter notices a man talking to Debra before heading to the elevators. He’s a true crime writer, Price, who wrote a book about Wayne Randall. Dexter asks Deb what he was doing there and she says he wants to write a follow-up based on the new bodies that were found. She agreed to get him the case files. Dexter worries since he already altered one report to exonerate Hannah. Dexter follows the writer to a coffee truck under the guise of getting him to autograph a book, but he pumps him for information. The writer wants Dexter to put in a good word for him with Deb, and then tells Dexter that while in juvenile hall, Hannah accused a counselor of sexual assault. The counselor got a slap on the wrist, but later died of rat poisoning. He also reveals that he’ll be having his own guy double-check the forensic reports for his book. Dexter now knows that Hannah is a serial killer.

Price asks out Debra, but she asks for a rain check. He gives her his card after sloppily insisting that he isn’t trying to write about her since she was once engaged to a serial killer.

Quinn picks up Nadia and tells her about the money George left in his car. He’s worried that they want him to do something to help Isaac get out of jail. She tells him he has to give the money back. Quinn marches into George’s office and does just that.

Dexter breaks into Price’s apartment to find info on Hannah. He copies files on her from Price’s computer. He also copies a blood test on Hannah’s dead ex-boss.

Batista takes his sister to lunch at a beachside restaurant and says he’s thinking of retiring and buying it. She’s not keen on that idea.

George visits Isaac. Isaac says George needs to get him out of there as soon as possible. George tells him that Quinn returned the money. Isaac warns him that he better not disappoint. Quinn thinks he’s meeting Nadia for dinner, but it’s George. He wants Quinn to help them get Isaac out of jail. If not, they’ll transfer Nadia to a Dubai sex club where she’ll most likely slit her wrists after a few weeks of work.

LaGuerta and Debra meet to discuss the Bay Harbor Butcher. LaGuerta thinks he killed the guys responsible for killing those girls and putting them in barrels. Debra tries to dissuade her, but it doesn’t work. She thinks it’s worth looking into.

At home, Dexter goes over Price’s notes and learns that Hannah’s ex boss had a rare poison from a plant in her blood. Hannah shows up and brings Dexter a plant. She’s all flirtatious.

Deb calls Dexter and demands that he come over so they can discuss LaGuerta. She realizes that Lumen (Dexter’s tenant) was also his lover and partner in the murders of the men who had kidnapped and raped her. Deb is a little jealous that he had another woman in is life. Dexter tells her to not worry about him and LaGuerta. He urges her to get a life. She kicks him out.

Dexter goes to Hannah’s and noses around while she’s not home. Her handyman tells Dexter how Hannah took care of the nursery’s previous owner without any help. Dexter thinks this means Hannah was the only one with access to poison her. He then finds the poisonous plant growing in Hannah’s backyard. Hannah comes home and asks what Dexter wants from her. When he says, “I want to take you out,” she thinks it means on a date. Poor Hannah. Dexter convinces her to go out with him.

Quinn is worried that he hasn’t heard from Nadia. Masuka overhears Batista talking about retirement. Deb asks him about it, wondering where it came from. Batista says he’s burned out and the idea of buying the restaurant makes him happy. Later, Deb calls Price. Quinn goes to the evidence room and takes something from the bin on Isaac’s case.

Out to dinner with Price, he tells Debra that he suspects Hannah was complicit in those murders. He shows Debra the blood evidence analysis HIS person came up with and Debra realizes that Dexter either lied or was wrong… but probably lied.

Dexter takes Hannah to a closed amusement park and shows her a beautifully lit attraction complete with snowfall (Wayne had promised to take her to a place in Florida where you could see snow… or some bullshit). He injects her, and later she wakes up taped to the table. He tells her that this is what he meant by “take her out.”

“Do what you gotta do,” she says.


And what does he gotta do? Cut the tape and screw her right on the table.

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