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Dexter – S7E7 – Chemistry

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Post coital, Hannah learns that Dexter is a serial killer who was going to kill her because she’s bad. They have sex… again.


The serial killers’ version of post-sex cuddling.

He drives her home the next morning and they agree that they can’t see each other any more. When she goes inside, Dexter is dismayed to see Price watching them. Price tells Dexter he won’t say anything about Dexter boning Hannah if he will agree to talk to him about Wayne Randall’s last moments – since Dexter was there.

LaGuerta calls Debra into her office and says that she has hit a dead end in trying to prove Doakes wasn’t the Bay Harbor Butcher. She wants to brainstorm with Deb, but Deb tells her maybe there’s nothing there. Later, Deb tells herself she’s going to hell.

Debra confronts Dexter on the blood evidence in the Wayne Randall killings. She accuses him of covering for Hannah so he can kill her. She’s totally right, of course. Batista tells Dexter that they’re going to run tests on the blood in Isaac’s case at the request of Isaac’s attorney. Masuka comes in and says the vials are missing. In a meeting, Masuka suspects a mole in the department. Batista agrees and says that’s why Isaac’s attorney asked for early discovery. They have 24 hours to find the samples or find new evidence, or Isaac goes free. They arrive at the bar and find that the sewage system has been fucked with to contaminate the bar and the crime scene. Batista takes Quinn outside and says that his name was on the evidence log for the other day. Quinn is offended that Batista would accuse him of stealing the samples. Batista says he just has to do his job and hear it from him.

Price gives Debra the address to the sister of Hannah’s dead husband. She agrees to go out with him. Quinn goes to Nadia’s apartment and is happy to see her. She is worried that he agreed to do something for the Russians to keep her safe. Hannah’s ex’s sister is shocked to learn that Hannah is suspected of killing him. She tells Debra that Hannah was pregnant and had a miscarriage after her brother died. Then she iced out his whole family. She agrees to help the police figure out what happened.

Price shows up at Hannah’s flower stand and tries to get a statement from her for his book. She agrees to talk when he threatens to bring Dexter into it. She tells him to come to her house the next day. Price calls Dexter after and says he’ll meet him the next night. Dexter makes plans to pin an unsolved case Price wrote about on Price. He just needs to get his DNA.



Quinn tells George that he did what they wanted, now he wants Nadia’s passport and he wants them to be left alone. George tells him that’s not going to happen.

Dexter shows up at the nursery and tells Hannah that Price is on to him. She says the same. Dexter says he’ll take care of it, but not by killing him. Hannah says that sometimes people just need killing. She suggests that if Dexter didn’t have his code, he might be able to admit he enjoys it. They say goodbye, again. As he walks away he realizes that Hannah isn’t drawn to his darkness like Lila, blind to it like Rita, or in need of it like Lumen, but he still must walk away because they could be dangerous together.

Debra has Hannah’s ex exhumed, but she’s shocked to learn the body wasn’t embalmed so there isn’t any tissue to test. His sister is not happy. Debra promises to get to the bottom of it. Later, she meets with Price and tells him what happened. They agree to have dinner later. Then Price meets with Hannah at her place to get her statement. She says as long as he agrees to leave Dexter out of it, they can continue. Smartly, he refuses a glass of lemonade.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even SIT in that woman’s apartment. She probably put rare ass poison on the seats!


Meanwhile, Dexter breaks into Price’s apartment (again) to gather DNA. Harry tries to talk him out of it, but Dexter deletes all the files Price has on Hannah. Hannah tells Price how she participated in that couple killing with Wayne. She cries while she tells the story.

Isaac approaches Dexter’s table while Dexter is having lunch. He tells him he won’t do anything since the cops are watching him. But while he waits for a chance to kill Dexter, they should talk. He tells Dexter that he doesn’t believe he killed Victor out of revenge for Mike. He asks Dexter what kind of animal he is. Dexter says he’s the type who tied Victor to a table, put a plastic bag over his head, and then beat him to death with a fire extinguisher. Isaac tells him he’ll regret telling him those details.

Price shows up at Dexter’s apartment to talk about Wayne Randall’s last words. Dexter hits him with the hypothetical of a crime writer who ends up being a killer. When he asks Dexter what the hell he’s talking about, Dexter confesses to breaking into his place and setting him up. Price stands up, yelling that Dexter won’t get away with it, then clutches his chest. He falls, hitting his head on the table. Dexter’s nanny rushes in and he tells her to call 9-1-1 while he performs CPR. Price dies anyway.

Debra arrives with the other cops. She tells Dexter that Hannah must have been behind it. She calls Hannah in for questioning the next day and Hannah tells her she’s innocent and that they need to charge her if they have anything.


Later, at Hannah’s place, Dexter confronts her about killing Price. She said she had to do something. She poisoned his pen because she knew he chewed on it, but there won’t be any trace of the poison. She thought he’d crash his car later, not die in Dexter’s apartment. She is worried that Price still has notes on her for the book, but Dexter tells her he deleted the book notes. They’re all, “Wow. We looked out for each other! Let’s fuck!”

OK. They don’t say that, but they do have sex.

At home, LaGuerta is looking through the Bay Harbor Butcher cases files and finds a list of boats at a marina. She sees Dexter’s name and pauses. Feeling guilty, Quinn gives Batista a check for $10,000 to help him buy the restaurant he wants.

Debra gets the blood tests back on Price and realizes Hannah is going to get away with killing him. At home, Debra listens to Price’s recorder (which was in evidence seeing as how he died at Dexter’s house) and hears Hannah’s tearful confession. She calls Dexter, who’s in bed with a sleeping Hannah, wondering if he’s falling in love, and tells him that he has to deliver justice by doing what he does. Ruh Roh.


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