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Dexter – S7E8 – Argentina

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Over breakfast, Hannah learns that Debra (the Lt.) is Dexter’s sister. He learns that she has always dreamed of going to Argentina. She tells Dexter that it’s okay if they never see each other again. Also, it’s okay if they do.

Dexter shows up at Deb’s and asks if she really meant it that she wants him to kill Hannah. She says yes and shows Dexter all the evidence she has that Hannah is a batshit crazy killer, including the audio recording of her confessing to killing that woman with Wayne Randall. Dexter tells Deb he’s not going to kill her. “Do you know how hard it was for me to ask you that?” Dexter tells her she wouldn’t be able to live with herself. She says it turns out there’s a lot she can live with. Dexter gets a text from his stepdaughter Aster.

Isaac sets a decoy off for the cops to follow while he goes off after Dexter. George tells him that Isaac is going to mess everything up with his vendetta. The cops will shut the place down and they have inventory to move. In response, Isaac makes sure his gun is loaded.

While Dexter is picking up donuts, Isaac takes a few shots at him and drives off.




Dexter gets a message that the kids are coming to Miami because Rita’s father needs emergency surgery. At the station, Dexter convinces Deb to let him handle Isaac. He tells Debra that the kids are coming for a few days and she agrees that now isn’t the best time.

Debra shows up at Hannah’s nursery. She threatens her and tells her that she’s on to her. Hannah plays innocent and apologizes, but Deb isn’t buying it.


“Bitch, stay away from my man… I mean.. er… I’m on to you.”

Jamie (Dexter’s nanny) is driving the kids back to Miami. Dexter goes to Isaac’s place to kill him, but ends up killing a hitman sent to kill Isaac.


At dinner, Dexter catches up with his step kids. It doesn’t go so well cause Astor is a pothead.



Later, Debra tells Dexter that she understands why he won’t kill Hannah, because it would be hard on her. He doesn’t tell her the real reason. He thanks her for watching the kids for him and heads to Hannah’s. He tells her about Isaac wanting to kill him.

It’s here that I learn that Isaac is a part of the Ukrainian mob. Not Russian. Apparently, they’re different.

Hannah offers Dexter the use of her car since Isaac doesn’t know it. Then they have sex.

George shows up at Nadia’s and plays a recording for Quinn. It’s him agreeing to get rid of the blood evidence in Isaac’s case. He has Quinn by the balls.

Isaac finds the dead hitman in his house and realizes that it’s George’s hitman and that means the big dogs must have given their approval. He realizes he can’t go home. His bodyguard vows to stick by his side. They call the cops about the dead body in his apartment. The cops investigate the scene and Dexter perfectly describes how the hitman was killed. “It’s almost like you were there,” Isaac remarks. Dexter skips out to see his kids and asks Deb to keep Isaac busy.


“The evidence tells me there was a struggle… and that the killer was extremely skilled and handsome.”

Dexter is at the beach with his kids when Hannah calls to say she left her nursery key in the van. He tells her where he is so she can come get it.  He tells her about his kids. She says he’s lucky that he gets to have a life like this and says she wants to meet his kids one day. Whoa! This is moving a little fast, but whatever.


While investigating Dexter’s boat, LaGuerta learn that Dexter changed slips back in May of 2007. I guess this is important because she gets a ‘this is important’ look on her face.

Dexter is at Deb’s and she sees the key ring he’s carrying. She knows it’s Hannah’s and confronts him. He admits they’re seeing each other and Deb goes nuclear. She confesses that she’s in love with him or was, and he’s stunned. She asks him to leave.

He follows Isaac to a gay bar and they have a heart to heart. Isaac admits that he and Victor were lovers and that he has nothing to go back to because of Dexter. Dexter corrects him – because of your vendetta. Isaac tells him that under different circumstances, they might have been friends, but he still has to kill him.

End montage of LaGuerta standing in front of Dexter’s boat, Deb smoking a joint with Astor, Isaac listening to Victor’s last voicemail over and over again, Quinn watching George’s men unload drugs at the strip club, and Dexter walking into Hannah’s open arms.

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  1. I really, really, REALLY loved this episode. I loved seeing Astor and Cody again! Made me all misty-eyed thinking about Rita.

    I also thought Deb’s whole freak-out and speech was Emmy-worthy. The scene with Isaac and Dexter in the gay bar was also Emmy-worthy (and man, I didn’t think Ray Stevenson could get any sexier than when he playedTitus Pullo, but Isaac Serko blows Pullo out of the water). Basically, just give them all the Emmys.

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