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Dexter – S7E9 – Helter Skelter

Previously on Dexter.

And now…

Dexter takes Hannah out on his boat. The water is choppy and she’s getting sick. They stop to talk and she tells him a story about her father teaching her to swim by pushing her into a lake. She asks him if he’s ever been afraid like that, but before he can answer, work calls.

I do not like Hannah and I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Isaak’s (Yes, I learned it’s not spelled with a  ‘c.’) bodyguard informs him that The Brotherhood have called in two hitmen to kill him. Isaak made the two hired to kill him very rich so he calls hoping to strike a deal, but they shoot him down. He goes to Dexter for help. He says he’ll forget about killing him if he’ll help. Dexter turns him down. After Isaak leaves, Dexer realizes he should be rooting for the people trying to kill Isaak, but he isn’t.

At a crime scene where a man killed himself in his car by setting it on fire, Dexter tries to talk to Deb about her confession. He tells her it makes sense. That it’s logical since they’re all each other has ever had. She realizes that Dexter telling her she isn’t crazy doesn’t make her feel better. They’re making progress in their convo until Hannah texts him. He stops to write her back and Deb leaves, pissed off.


At his apartment, Dexter finds Isaak making tea like he lives there. He has taken Hannah hostage and won’t let her go until Dexter helps him kill the two hitmen. Dexter agrees. He goes to Deb’s and asks her to lift the 24-hour surveillance on Isaak so that he can help him. He tells her that Isaak has Hannah. Deb is all, “Hey, problem solved! Let him kill the bitch!” Dexter begs and she agrees, but tells him she’ll never be okay with Hannah.

LaGuerta shows up at Tom’s boat (Tom’s the boss that was ‘let go’ for sleeping with the girl who got murdered – he thinks it’s Deb’s fault, but it was really LaGuerta’s). She tells him about the blood slide and her suspicion that The Bay Harbor Butcher is still killing. He tells her to fuck off, basically.

Based off info Isaak gave him, Dexter tracks down one of the hitmen at a shooting range. While he’s laying on the ground shooting, Dexter stabs him. One down, one to go. Dexter calls Isaak and tells him. He says that the second one will be harder to kill once he learns of the first one’s death.

Deb meets Dexter in a parking lot and tells him that Isaak’s bodyguard’s car was found abandoned. He tells her to stay out of it’; he has it. She tells Dexter that he will never be safe with Hannah since she’s a killer. He says that Deb is safe with him.

The second hitman shows up at the strip club and tells George that he can’t reach the first hitman, which makes him nervous. George mentions Dexter as a way to get to him. Dexter shows up at Isaak’s and wants to speak with Hannah. He really wants to find out where she is. While they Face Time, Dexter takes a photo of the screen and sends it to his cell phone. Or something. When Hannah says she misses Dexter, he says, “Likewise.” After they hang up, Isaak tells Dexter that if he had a chance to talk to Victor again and he said he missed him, he would have come up with something better than that. Dexter realizes that Isaak blames himself for what happened to Victor because he sent him to Miami.

Later, Dexter examines the picture and sees a Colombian soccer ball. The men Isaak killed in the bar were Colombian and Dexter wonders if he’s hiding out in one of the dead men’s apartment. Then he gets a call that there was another fire death. When Dexter arrives at the crime scene, he notices the second hitman from the picture Isaak showed him. The second fire took place in an elevator shaft. Dexter figures out that someone must have set the fire while wearing a fireproof suit and watched the victim burn to death. Dexter tells Debra about his suspicions about the Colombian’s apartment.

George screwed Nadia to get back at Quinn for not returning his phone calls. When Quinn finds out, he beats George up and pulls Nadia out of the club.

Isaak instructs Dexter to lead the hitman to the pier where he ambushes the hitman and kills him. Tom finds LaGuerta at a restaurant and tells her that he will help her if she can get him a bump in his pension. Or something.

Hannah talks the bodyguard into picking some tomatoes so they can have a real meal. After she cooks for him she beats him. They fight. He stabs her. They’re both passed out when Debra arrives and she calls for an ambulance and backup.

Dexter and Isaak both toss their weapons in the water, calling a truce. While Dexter cleans up where the hitman was shot, Isaak heads below the barge they’re on. George shows up, all beaten up. HOW? Anyway, he shoots Isaak and leaves. Dexter offers to take him to the hospital or get him some drugs to ease his passing since the bullet is still in. Isaak refuses and asks Dexter to take him to the spot where he dumped Victor instead. Isaak tells him he should tell Hannah how he feels. Then Isaak dies.

At the hospital, Hannah asks Deb why she didn’t just let her die. Deb tells her she was just doing her job. When Dexter arrives, Deb leaves, and he tells Hannah that there were two times in his life that he has been afraid: seeing his mother murdered when he was three and the past few days when he thought he might not ever see her again. He tells her that she makes him feel safe.



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