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Dexter – S8E3 – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

Previously on Dexter, ‘Every Silver Lining’

In a dreamlike opening scene, we hear Harrison calling for his daddy, waking Dexter from his slumber. Turning on the lights, Dexter discovers a trail of red leading to the bathroom, and Harrison’s two little red-covered legs are sticking out and no, No, NO, NOOOO… it’s just Harrison on the floor covered in his binge of Red Popsicles. Of course they are red. Dexter Red. Why did he eat the whole box, because he loves them. Hold that thought.



Speaking of binges, we jump to Debra Morgan passed out in her car, police lights flashing. Officer Buzzkill wakes her up with his flashlight finding her completely sauced and her car full of open alcohol. She asks the officer to cut her some slack for being curb-side, but unfortunately she pulled over right into a parking meter. The funny thing is, she is parked a car length away from a place that sells booze. I like to think she bought it there, got loaded in her car, tried to drive home and made it all of 8 feet. I’m sure Quinn is available to help.

Quinn’s phone rings with Jamie sleeping next to him. He agrees to meet Deb, but he brushes off his 4 a.m. wake up call to “Just cop stuff.” Deb hasn’t been booked yet and they let her just stink up the hallway instead of throwing her in the drunk tank. No D.U.I. for Deb today.





Dexter pulls up to the crime scene at Sussman’s cabin, but Sussman is no longer hanging on a hook where Dexter and Vogel had found him. Someone took him down and made it look like he had committed suicide with a shotgun. There is gun shot residue on Sussman’s hands, and that seems to be enough to brush The Brain Surgeon case under the bloody rug. Can anyone explain to me who the hell that woman is?




Quinn takes a saturated Deb to straight to work. He offers to take her home first ,but all she needs is a stick of gum and the deodorant she keeps in her desk.  She keeps deodorant in her desk, people. Deodorant. Concerned with Deb’s drinking, the conversation ends up back in the lap of when Quinn was spiraling out of control, because Deb wouldn’t marry him. It would have been great if Quinn had accidently butt-dialed Jamie so she could hear this. She would have loved it.


Whoever it was who messed with Sussman’s body isn’t done yet. Dr. Evelyn Vogel gets a text message to “Look Outside” where she finds matching His and Hers packages of brain matter. This time, it’s the Occipital Lobe, responsible for vision. The message that they are both being watched means they need to up their brain game. Dexter has been reading Vogel’s book and has come up with another potential Brain Surgeon killer, former patient Ron Galuzzo.



Quinn finally shows up and pulls Dexter aside to tell him about Debra’s almost D.U.I.

Debra asked him not to say anything, but Quinn isn’t as good about keeping secrets as the Morgans. Dexter races off to check on her, but not before Vogel plays her prying game into Deb and Dexter’s relationship. Dexter tells Vogel that Deb knows everything, like, every damn thing, and he’s the reason his sister is crumbling.


Back at Elway Investigations, Elway and Deb are meeting with a new client who suspects her husband is cheating. They discuss their plans and as Elway tries to calm the client’s fears Deb states, “Don’t look at me; I think the truth is overrated.” Way to be, Deb. Way to be. We find out later that, of course, the client’s husband is cheating on her. Elway mixes up another custom made herbal Electo-Shyte Shit-Shake for Debra and her raging hangover. I guess if she can keep deodorant in her desk, he can store a Chinese Apothecary in his.

Dexter rolls into Elway investigations to confront and annoy her about the not-D.U.I., but he does get Deb to agree to dinner at 8pm.


Dexter tracks Galuzzo to his job pushing gym equipment at the mall. Galuzzo sparks a conversation with a lingering Dexter and even asks to measure his body mass index.  Impressed by Dexter’s physique, he then suggests Dexter to try out a machine that “Cuts you up faster than a Chef at Benihana.” Dexter decides to test Galuzzo’s reaction and he throws up a copy of Vogel’s book, saying he likes to read when he works out. Galuzzo says he’s never heard of the book or the author. Dexter may have a very low fat to muscle ratio, but he also has a high bullshit meter.




Dexter tells Vogel he saw Galuzzo and she’s worried he could have exposed them both. We learn that Vogel does have a gun for protection, and Dexter tells her to keep it loaded. That sounds like an awesome idea. Vogel explains to Dexter that when she and Harry came up with the code, Harry insisted Dexter only kill bad people. Vogel insisted the first rule would be, “Don’t Get Caught.” to give Dexter any wiggle room. She wants to know why Dexter didn’t kill Debra the moment she discovered who he was.

A shocked Dexter tries to explain that he could never kill his sister; he loves her. Vogel doesn’t buy his definition of brotherly love. Still, he’s her perfect little psychopath. Vogel wants to be the one to step in and help Deb, but declines as he heads out to meet Deb for dinner.


Batista is quizzing Quinn for the sergeants exam while Jamie is cooking dinner. Frustrated that Quinn isn’t an A-student, he accidentally puts Quinn on Front Street about getting called in at 4 a.m. Jamie is pissed it was about Deb, Quinn swears there is nothing going on but she walks away; hopefully right off the set of the show because at this point she’s as interesting as a lamp.


Dexter explains that the reason he brought Deb to dinner was to show her something. He plays for her The Club Mayan shootout scene from Season 5 where Deb got the bad guy. It just so happens that sitting a few tables over is a man Debra saved that night. He’s happily eating dinner with his family. It’s all an attempt to convince Debra she’s a good person and it may have worked. Never mind how the hell Dexter tracked this guy down to a chain restaurant. Don’t ask silly questions.




Once Elway and Deb confirm to their client that her husband was cheating, she isn’t convinced. She leaves a check and walks out. It’s obviously her husband in the photographs, but as Elway puts it, “She just didn’t want to see it. People get used to living in denial, it’s just easier for them.” Deb really needed to hear that, Elway. Thanks.


Dexter does his breaking in thing at Galuzzo’s house. The place is a mess, but his table is set like a restaurant and his kitchen is nice and clean. Oh, and Dexter finds a crock-pot of human finger stew just bubbling away on the counter! Galuzzo’s freezer is stocked with marked containers of ground thigh, liver, intestines, kidneys and I guess, in case guests drop by he doesn’t want to eat, frozen pizzas and ice cream. There’s no way Galuzzo would waste good brains by sending them to Vogel, especially when he has one marinating in garlic sauce.



Back in the bottle outside Miami Metro, Deb is in a stupor, rewinding over and over the nightclub shootout scene. Luckily, when she stumbles into the station, Quinn sees her first. Deb leans into his ear and slurs that she killed LaGuerta. She tries to yell it, but Quinn muffles her and they head to an interrogation room. She’s just shit-faced enough that Quinn takes this all as metaphor. Begging him to believe her, he stalls Debra by telling her to write out everything she remembers, so he can get Dexter to the station pronto.



Dexter is with Vogel when he gets the call about Deb’s drunken confession, and at Dexter’s request they both race off to save her before its too late. Upon arriving, Quinn meets them and Vogel begins to explain that Deb is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt. In the room with Deb and Vogel, Dexter asks Quinn to stand watch in the hallway. Debra tries to stumble past them with her written confession and suddenly Dexter pulls out his syringe full of sleepy juice and doses Debra in the neck. Vogel reacts with a hilarious, “That was interesting” and packs Deb’s confession in her bag nice and neat. Telling Quinn she passed out, they take her home to rest.

With a passed out Deb on the couch, Dexter realizes he’s making Deb worse; time for Vogel to step in and take charge of Debra’s care. In case Vogel can’t handle her, Dexter handcuffs her to the couch.

“Vogel was right. I am perfect, but only at one thing.”


The episode wraps up short and murdery as Dexter walks into a plastic lined kill room with Ron Galuzzo strapped naked to the table. He may not be the Brain Surgeon, but he’s definitely a butcher. Galuzzo eats his victims, and Dexter begins to wonder how much alike they really are

“Now I realize I’m just like you. I consume everyone I love.”


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13 Comments on Dexter – S8E3 – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

  1. <—- keeps deodorant in her desk…

  2. I’m really loving seeing Dexter as a dad; the whole scene with Harrison in the beginning was great because you see that he’s not really just the psychopath he’s been told all his life that he is. Even though he has Vogel coming into his life telling him just that very thing: that he’s only a psychopath; he keeps doing things that are not psychopathic behavior. It’s awesome to repeatedly see her question his actions, too, because it’s pretty clear that she’s a psychopath herself (or at least a shitty therapist), steering all of her patients to be serial killers. Looks like Harry’s presence is the only reason Dexter has been able to survive this long and the only reason he’ll be able to survive the season/series finale.

    • Yeah. I really loved that opening scene for the same reason. I don’t trust Vogel with Deb.

    • And I know that the color red has always been a color of the show…but is anyone else noticing the M. Night Shyamalan useage of it this season more than others? Right from the opening scene of the S8 premiere Harrison is flying a red kite. Dexter signed his name in red on his drawings. The windows in the room where Sussman suffocated the 1st body were lit red….even this past episode the handle on the meat grinder was red, a random red towel, Galuzzo’s work out city shirt is red, so was his car. I feel like they are really popping the color all over the damn place.

  3. Did you see my FB status early this morning as I was watching this?

    “Oh, my God! Deb, shut your fucking mouth!”

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