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Dexter – S8E7 – Dress Code

Previously, on Dexter: “A Little Reflection

So, maybe don’t complain when your ex sends you a random drunk text. Dexter’s ex, Hannah McKay likes to stop by and poison you and your family. Dexter wakes up to his cell phone buzzing and he is slumped over in a pile of rocks somewhere on the other side of town. It’s Dr. Vogel calling to let him know her appreciation for keeping Zach Hamilton alive, but there’s no time to talk until Dexter makes sure Deb is okay.

She is, and she’s already calling out Hannah for drugging them. Since they can’t go to the authorities, Dexter is going to put in a request for the traffic camera footage to track Hannah’s car down.

Knock Knock

Ahh, that awkward moment when the spoiled brat you were about to kill starts hanging around your house. Zach shows up uninvited at Dexter’s even though Sergeant Quinn, wait…ooohhh, sorry, regular old Detective Quinn could be following him. Lesson 1: Dexter and Zach together in public is a serious no no. Too late! Cassie and her micro brew friend spot them together on the porch. Zach spoke to Dr. Vogel and she seems to have introduced the idea of the code and Zach is full of questions.

Dexter | Dex and Zach

Elway Grows Some Balls

Debra is at work trying to track down anything about Hannah McKay when Elway comes popping in her office in another one of his blue suits. He wants to see what Deb is working on and she gets completely agro about Elway always up in her face. He gives her some space back all right, but not before reminding her he took her on his staff when she was a complete fucking mess 6 months prior. She might try to be a little less of a complete fucking bitch. Here here!

The Return of Harry

Dexter is at Miami Metro which is pretty much his home base for tracking down people to kill. He finds Hannah on the traffic camera footage and gets a plate number to the rental car she used to dump his body. Nobody cares why a Blood Splatter Analyst would request traffic camera footage I guess, but Harry is back! A noted absence of Dexter’s life since Vogel appeared; Harry is worried about his fragile daughter.

Dexter | Dex and Harry

This is the part Jamie pops up and for a second it felt like she was going to say she was pregnant, and this recap would of never happened because the television would have been thrown out of the window. She’s not. Just looking for an apartment and a reason for her and Quinn to move in together.

Masuka makes up with his daughter Niki and they agree to meet up later at her sports bar job. Is she a stripper? I’m getting a stripper vibe.

Dress Code

Dexter follows Hannah from a yacht in the marina to a fancy members only club. Not only is he not a member, but they also have a strict dress code. Should have worn his kill shirt. He rings Zach and of course there is no place in town the Hamiltons can’t get into. One Zach and a suit jacket later and Dexter is in.

When Hannah’s suitor leaves her at the bar Dexter tells Zach to keep an eye on him and approaches her demanding to know why Hannah drugged him. She tells him her name is Maggie now, and that the man she is with is her husband, Miles Castner. Zach keeps up his part and texts Dexter when the husband is on his way back to the bar, but Dexter can’t seem to pull himself away from Hannah, even if it does put a huge mark on his back.

When Miles returns it seems Hannah, or Maggie hasn’t been totally secretive of her past. He knows Dexter was her boyfriend and that he betrayed her by sending her to jail. Hmmm.

Hey, Jealousy

Deb shows up at Dexter’s place and he tells her he’s found Hannah. Her husband, Miles Castner deals in international casinos and is worth $700 million dollars. Dexter starts falling all over his words about the marriage like a jealous teenager and its clear he’s not over her. Deb has had enough of that shit, and it almost seems like her jealousy creeps back up into the room.

Masuka goes to Niki’s “sports bar” to say hello, and finds out the waitresses, including Niki are all topless. Just your average American breasturant. She’s cool with it, as he tries to build a tower of menus to cover up her daughter boobs.

Miami Metro

While doing more research on Miles Castner, Dexter sees Zach Hamilton and his lawyer come gliding into the station. Batista calls Quinn into the office complete with Deputy Chief Matthews. Hamilton’s lawyer is there to request that Quinn back the fuck off. Zach even got pictures of Quinn who was supposed to be tailing him. So many kinds of shitty detective work there.

Dexter meets with Zach outside as he’s leaving and Zach is completely impressed with himself for getting Quinn off his tail. Now he can kill something! It’s like Christmas! But Dexter tells him he needs to control his urge if he wants to be about this life.

Dexter | Dex and Zach at Miami Metro

Who is Threatening Whom?

While Dexter is pumping gas Miles Caster pulls up alongside him in the next bay. He wants Dexter to know he one phone call away from destroying his life if he messes with Hannah/Maggie. He’d rather see her in prison than lose her and Dexter suddenly gets protective of her once again. He texts Hannah and she agrees to meet him at the old greenhouse.

They meet up and Dexter is still demanding to know why Hannah is back in Miami. He questions the validity of her marriage and she bares all that once she escaped she needed Miles. She needed a new life and he gave it to her, but now he’s completely obsessed with her. Isn’t everyone? No, no, no…the real reason Hannah is back in Miami is she wanted Dexter to kill her husband for her. She’s changed her mind about cashing in her I.O.U because she’s obviously still in love with Dexter and doesn’t want to make him do such a thing.

Dexter is standing before her quivering and even goes in for the kiss but she leaves before her husband can track her down.

Dexter | Dex and Hannah

Deb Cock Blocks Dexter

Deb slinks around Dexter’s car and installs a high tech GPS Monitor so she can tail him. Cassie happens to be walking by and wants to know what she’s doing, but Deb introduces herself as Dexter’s sister so its cool. Cassie tries to get a read from Debra about why Dexter never called her back after their food truck date, but Deb pretty much tells her figuring out Dexter is a lost cause. What a wingman.

Masuka tries to offer Niki a part time job at the police station as a lab assistant but she makes a lot more money showing her tits than filing paperwork. Who knew?

Dexter’s Responsibilities

Dexter is speaking with Dr. Vogel about Zach. Vogel reveals that Zach has been becoming more and more agitated since Dexter stopped him from killing his father. Vogel is glad Dexter let Zach escape his table, but now that Zach has already killed he is Dexter’s responsibility. Hannah, Zach, stop letting people off your kill table, Dex. He calls Zach and leaves a message to meet him at his studio.

When Dexter is walking to his car the next day he is jumped by three of Miles Castner’s men, and they proceed to kick the ever living shit out of him and toss him into a pile of garbage. Message received, Castner. Message received. Still, after they leave Dexter is far more concerned with what Miles will do to Hannah than he is his swollen ribs.

Dexter | Dex beaten up.


Even though Dexter asked to meet Zach at his studio, Zach has shown up at Dexter’s door and proceeds to bang the doorknocker approximately 182 times even though no one is answering. Cassie, hears the knocking and comes out, asking if she can give Dexter a message and Zach, sulks back, “Yeah, fuck him.” Such a little shit.

Dexter | Zach at Dexter's door.

The Things We Do For Love

Hannah comes home to the yacht after a day of spending Miles’ money and he confronts her about meeting Dexter in the greenhouse. She calmly tries to convince money bags that she has no feelings for Dexter, but Miles tests the waters by making it clear Dexter had to pay for her little excursion. Miles grabs her and insists they are leaving tonight. He throws Hannah on the bed and things are about to get rapey as he screams that she belongs to him.

Outside in the Marina, Dexter sneaks onto the yacht to check on Hannah. He walks down into the bedroom quarters, and Hannah is covered in blood staring back at him. Miles Castner is dead on the floor, stabbed to death with his own fancy car key. Dexter rattles off a kill kit to help her clean up the mess she’s just made and promises her it’s going to be okay.

Dexter | Hannah; Miles dead.

They dump Miles Castner’s body together off of Dexter’s boat and swing back to the marina. Meanwhile, Deb is making great use of that tracking device and is watching them from the parking lot. Hannah asks Dexter if he ever regrets sparing her from his kill table, and we all know the answer to that. Hannah insists she was never going to kill Dexter. Suddenly, Dexter gets a text that he needs to head over to a crime scene…in his apartment building. Shit.

A Reflection

Dexter slowly walks into the crime scene and it’s no real surprise that there lays Cassie, bludgeoned to death, just like Norma Rivera. Dexter’s mind immediately directs itself to the inevitable possibility it was Zach Hamilton’s work. In a pool of Cassie’s blood Dexter can see himself. Will two killers ever be able to be together?

Dexter | Dex's reflection in a pool of blood.

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