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Dexter – S8E9 – Make Your Own Kind of Music

Previously on Dexter, ‘Are We There Yet?’ 

The Afterglow

Dexter and Hannah are basking in the afterglow of bumping uglies the night before. She has to meet with her friend Arlene to retrieve money she’s holding for her. She’ll need it to start her new life in Miami. *facepalm*

Dexter and Vogel are at Zach’s studio. It’s where Zach was attacked and abducted. Even though The Brain Surgeon cleaned up, Dexter finds a bit of blood with hair attached. Zach purposely pulled out TBS’ hair and left a clue for Dexter. Vogel points out that Zach was acting with clearer thinking than Dexter, as he’s gung ho to catch TBS at all costs AND he thinks he’s going to make a life with Hannah.

Dexter in Zach's Studio

Elway meets with a federal marshal and turns over what he knows about Hannah being in town.

Quinn asks Debra to look into Zach since he’s been warned off of him. When she sees the file, she recognizes Zach from their meeting in the Keys. Of course, she rushes to Dexter’s office and he tells her that Zach is innocent and dead. Debra can’t even BE in the precinct for two minutes without her life getting complicated.

Family Ties

The DNA results are back on the blood found in Zach’s studio. It’s a familial match to Dr. Vogel! When Dexter confronts her, she admits that she had two sons, Richard and Daniel. When Daniel was a boy, he murdered Richard. Surprise, surprise. He was a psychopath. He was institutionalized, but died in a fire. Dexter is not convinced.

Dexter does a little age progression on Daniel’s photo and notes that he looks a lot like Oliver, Cassie’s boyfriend. Ray Charles saw this shit coming. He does a bit more computer analysis and gets a match on the childhood picture of Daniel and Oliver’s drivers license.

Deputy Marshall Clayton arrives and questions Dexter. Of course, Dexter plays dumb and says he hasn’t heard from Hannah.

Dexter drives Hannah to Arlene’s to get her money. Quinn is thrown off the Zach scent after Debra tells him a source placed Zach at the motel in the Keys when Cassie was murdered. Debra agrees to talk to Jamie about Cassie and see if she remembers anything that might help them catch her murderer.

While picking up the money, Clayton shows up to question Arlene about Hannah. Hannah hides while Arlene and Dexter handle it by pretending to be a couple. When Debra questions Jamie about Cassie, she learns about Oliver (Daniel Vogel) and goes to his place to question him with Quinn. After determining that he is full of fifteen kinds of shit, they leave and Quinn kisses Debra. They agree to pretend like it never happened. I should be so lucky.

Jamie and Debra


Debra arrives home to find Dexter and Hannah in her place. Dexter pulls her outside to ask if Hannah can stay with her for a few days. Debra says yes and we just know this is going to be swell. Debra tells Dexter that she did him a favor by putting Quinn on Oliver’s trail. He warns her away from Oliver, but won’t tell her why. That just pisses her off because she just did something for him and now he’s being all secretive asshole again.

Dexter goes to Oliver’s house that night, dressed to kill, but Oliver is ghost. Dexter pulls an envelope from the trash and thinks he can get some saliva from it for a DNA match. I call bullshit because who the fuck mails anything anymore? He runs an analysis and it’s a match. He tells Vogel and she jumps into mommy mode and insists they can save him. Dexter agrees, but only because he knows that’s what she wants to hear. He wants Daniel’s ass on his kill table yesterday. When Dexter figures out that Daniel is monitoring Vogel’s laptop, he tells her to write a journal entry stating that she’ll be at a cafe the next day.

Hannah says she’s going to Argentina and she wants Dexter and Harrison to meet her there. Dexter agrees. He thinks they can start a life together. Dexter is, what we call in the business, tripping.

Two’s Company

Zach’s parents have filed a missing person report. Deb meets with Batista in his office and he gives her badge back; she can come back when she’s ready. Then we have an awkward moment with Quinn where they both do a shitty job of pretending that kiss didn’t happen.

Speaking of awkward, at home, Hannah has cleaned and cooked. Debra and Hannah sit down for a meal. Debra must have REALLY been hungry to eat food Hannah has prepared.

Clayton stops by Dexter’s to tell him that they’re sure Hannah is gone so they’ll be pulling their protective detail. Then he notices Harrison is drawing his family and asks about the pretty blonde woman. The little serial-killer-in-training says the woman is his mom and Dexter breathes the biggest sigh of relief.

To Catch a Brain Surgeon

Dexter goes to Vogel’s and drugs her tea with one of Hannah’s potions.

Dexter S8E9

He goes to the cafe alone and watches as Oliver sits at the counter. Of course, the “Play Your Own Kind of Music” song is available on the mini jukebox and Oliver listens to it a few times before realizing that Vogel isn’t coming. Dexter does the worst job ever following Oliver to his car. Dexter discovers that Oliver slashed his tire so he couldn’t follow him.

By the time he gets to Vogel’s, she’s awake and pretty pissed that he drugged her. He says that Daniver (Daniel? Oliver? Whatever.) must be stopped. She insists that her son is her problem and perhaps they should stop working together. Maybe, Dexter should focus on his crazy ideas that he can build a life with Hannah and back the fuck off. Fine. Dexter pouts and leaves.

Daniver watches him go from inside Vogel’s house. “Now do you believe me?” He’s satisfied that Vogel didn’t send Dexter and the two sit down from a creepy cup of tea.

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