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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, Year 3 #1


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As a fan of the Doctor Who TV series I don’t often venture into its comic properties, but The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, Year 3, makes that a thing of the past. “Remembrance” is a great introduction for both novice and long-time readers.

If you loved Matt Smith as The Doctor this issue is a great representation of the spirit of his run. This first issued is filled with the personality and wit of the eleventh doctor at the breakneck pace we are accustomed.

The introduction of The Doctor’s companion Alice Obiefune was a welcome one. Whenever I see a woman of color as a fully formed character I breathe a sigh of relief; this is something that is not always easily written in the shadow of The Doctor. She’s a former library assistant who can work the TARDIS, is able to handle his eccentricity and call him on his recklessness, and yet see through his laughter to see the sadness of a man who has lived for close to a thousand years.

This issue presents itself in three parts and it uses the introduction to touch on a colony of angry Brits who only say Britzit, a play on the UK’s decision to exit the EU, followed by the revelation of the death of an old friend: Jones. Jones is an homage to David Bowie’s ever-changing form and many personalities, an existence The Doctor has a lot of experience with. Coupled with a mystery in the form of a goodbye from Jones, “Remembrance” lives up to its name and ends with the satisfactory introduction of one of the top villains in Doctor Who: The Silence.

The art work enhances the plot; the colors, smooth and muted then wild and bright. I love how The Doctor and Alice are sketched, even with all the calamity around them at times, their eyes always emote fully. The Eleventh Doctor – Year Three #1, is a fun ride, with the heart of The Doctor at its core. The nods to Brexit and David Bowie highlights its flights of fancy and the elasticity of the storytelling we can expect.


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