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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, Year 3 #2

Previously in #1

Doctor Who - Issue Two - Cover

Rob Williams’ “Year Three” run of Doctor Who comics continues to be a rollercoaster ride intent on messing with the reader’s auditory senses. It began with the fantastic reveal of the villain in issue #1 being one of the members of the hive like group The Silence, one of The Doctor’s most dangerous foes.

“I was so good at silence, that not even my own people could remember me.”

But this member of The Silence is like no other; there is a personality that exudes from him that is quite uncharacteristic to his sect of The Silence, beings whose entire existence is to be forgotten; this one wants to the remembered. In some ways you can see the same traits that led The Doctor to steal the TARDIS and escape Gallifrey. But where The Doctor looks for redemption, The Silence looks to conquer. This leads to a pretty awesome plot line, one we’ve seen before with the tenth Doctor, but the execution is quite different.

In stealing The Doctor’s and Alice’s memories, a being is created from a sapling, a child in many ways, independent from them, but forged of their memories.

This issue featured really cool artwork throughout the panels with its shifting artistic tones. The visual forms did a fantastic job of portraying worlds our characters may inhabit at any given time; one being their rescue by Jones, who is an homage paid to David Bowie.

Doctor Who - Issue Two - Jones

But like all adventures with The Doctor there comes a price, in this case, chunks of memories lost to The Silence; memories of Alice’s mother as well as knowledge regarding the creation of the TARDIS. The most problematic discovery is a pretty cool thought experiment – a being created to be a genocidal weapon with all the memories of The Doctor, a man who abhors unnecessary violence, and Alice, a human with all the memories of family. The big question is will the sapling eventually give in to his genocidal tendencies? Like The Doctor himself would say,“Worry about it later.”

Overall, this issue was a very entertaining – jam packed with adventures with an emotional punch when it comes to the impact memories have in our lives. It ended on a satisfying note, but left enough unanswered for the next issue.

Doctor Who - Issue Two - The Silence

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