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Doctor Who – The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, Year 3 #3

Previously in #2

Doctor Who 11th 3-3

This issue is a two-parter, with the Eleventh Doctor and Alice continuing along on their most recent adventure: an escape from a Silence with too much personality. (I still can’t get over the fact that a member of a group whose sole existence was to be forgotten tried to rewrite history to never be forgotten, narcissism much?)

The highlight of this issue, though, is the addition of the sapling now dubbed Thingy; he exhibits The Doctor’s charming personality and lust for life along with his propensity for running headfirst into danger. But for Alice, losing chunks of her memories is not something she’s fine with on a long-term basis and decides to head back home. But what starts as a trip to re-immerse herself into her world turns into hijinks; such is the case whenever The Doctor is involved.

Alice - Doctor Who 11th 3-3

Outside of the hijinks though are the philosophical ideas / discussions disguised as jokes, which allow the reader the chance to expand or confront new and old ideas. But the philosophy of a man like The Doctor is born out of an experience in matters of war, and constantly places him within the line of fire of would be mercenaries, defending the innocent. So, pretty much a standard day for The Doctor.

The color used in the panels did a great job reflecting much of the tone of this issue. It blended well with the moments between Alice and The Doctor as progenitors to Twiggy, to the feeling of home we saw Alice running towards.

With all the emotional levity this issue provided the final panel is where this issue grabs you and throws you right back into the fray between cool insanity and fear.

Doctor Who 11th 3-3 Panel 1

Whether or not you’ve been reading this series from the beginning, this issue presents an exciting story that can be enjoyed as part of a larger story or a one shot of excitement. One not to be missed by fans of Doctor Who.

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