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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

Here’s a trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. Word is this is not the trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con; that trailer was meant to be exclusive and has somehow managed to remain so, even in a world where everything ends up on the internet eventually. Steven Moffat reportedly warned that, if the exclusive Comic Con trailer found its way onto the internet, he wouldn’t bring any more exclusives to San Diego; when Moffat offers up a warning, people apparently listen. We’re sure some equivalent of the Comic Con trailer will find its way onto the interweb, eventually.

Still, this trailer is an exciting celebration of the first 50 years of Doctor Who. If you don’t mind Japanese subtitles, and we’re sure you don’t, check it out below.

Via: Cultbox

[correction: an earlier version of this post identified this trailer as the trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con; we have since learned that it is not.]

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