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Review: Doctor Who – New Adventures w/ the 10th Doctor #4

Previously in issue 3#


The Tenth Doctor #4 Cover

I knew I was going to love this issue from the first frame on page one. Gabby is writing a letter to her best friend back home – but really it may end up being a diary – explaining who The Doctor is and what their first adventure was like. The art in the issue switches back and forth between the action and Gabby’s depiction of the events on paper.

Doctor Who 10th #4 Gabby's Letter

“When the TARDIS ‘blasts off,’ it make a noise like an elephant and a piano bringing sexy back.”

Gabby is given a choice: she can either visit the past, the present (another planet or the moon, etc.) or travel into the future. She chooses the future, of course, and marvels over the fact that there are no rules (unless it comes to fixed points). Because she’s an artist, The Doctor chooses to take her to Ouloumos, which boasts one of the finest collections of art in its galaxy.

Gabby’s reaction in wonderful. She drops to her knees and feels the soil. She takes in deep breaths. She uses all of her senses to spot the differences, and then she appreciates them. So much so that they bring tears to her eyes. She’s smart enough to notice The Doctor’s relief at her reaction and that it’s what made him speak a little slower when speaking to her – he no longer felt the need to test her. They walk through the museum and we learn about the alien art as Gabby describes them in her letter, complete with illustrations.

Of course, all is not perfect. When The Doctor takes Gabby to visit the artist Zhe, they’re met with a morphing apprentice who separates the two and tries to kill them. He/She believes that they are there to steal away the apprenticeship (Gabby) and to critique Zhe’s art (The Doctor).

Gabby's Reaction 1

Gabby's Reaction 2


Score | 10/10Abby tries to locate Zhe while The Doctor runs for his life.

+ Great artwork when we’re looking at Gabby’s diary and her descriptions of The Doctor, his mannerisms, and the TARDIS were great.

+ I love that Gabby recognizes that though they’re in a dangerous situation, just laying eyes on the Doctor puts her at ease – like everything will be okay. She also notes that she has never ran so much in her life and she wonders how many times the Doctor has done this. A lot, Gabby. The answer is a lot.

This was so much better than the last issue. This is an interesting planet, with a creepy villain, and a mystery that we’re just beginning to uncover. Gabby continues to show promise of being an excellent companion. I’d love to see more of the story told via her letters.

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